Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the Arts: Illustrated with Engravings. By William Nicholson. ...

G. G. and J. Robinson, 1799

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Pàgina 353 - Armenians, have a singular method of ornamenting watch cases, &c., with diamonds and other precious stones, by simply glueing or cementing them on. The stone is set in silver or gold, and the lower part of the metal made flat, or to correspond with the part to which it is to be fixed; it is then warmed gently, and...
Pàgina 113 - BOILED ! It would be difficult to describe the surprise and astonishment expressed in the countenances of the bystanders, on seeing so large a quantity of cold water heated, and actually made to boil, without any fire.
Pàgina 107 - Being engaged lately in superintending the boring of cannon in the workshops of the military arsenal at Munich, I was struck with the very considerable degree of Heat which a brass gun acquires in a short time in being bored, and with the still more intense Heat (much greater than that of boiling water, as I found by experiment) of the metallic chips separated from it by the borer.
Pàgina 116 - ... it appears to me to be extremely difficult, if not quite impossible, to form any distinct idea of anything capable of being excited and communicated in the manner the Heat was excited and communicated in these experiments, except it be MOTION.
Pàgina 13 - Far on the right, her dogs foul Scylla hides: Charybdis roaring on the left presides, And in her greedy whirlpool sucks the tides; Then spouts them from below: with fury driv'n, The waves mount up and wash the face of heav'n.
Pàgina 221 - ... above defcribed, and having remained for a long feries of years in thofe places of reft, expofed to the permeating action of water, have become enveloped in, and cemented by, the calcareous matter which it depofits. THE bones, in this composition, have not the fmalleft appearance of being petrified ; and if they have undergone any change, it is more like that of calcination than that of petrifaction, as the moft folid parts of them generally admit of being cut and fcraped down with the fame eafe...
Pàgina 112 - ... made watertight by means of collars of oiled leather, the box was filled with cold water (viz. at the temperature of 60'), and the machine was put in motion. The result of this beautiful experiment was very striking, and the pleasure it afforded me amply repaid me for all the trouble I had had in contriving and arranging the complicated machinery used in making it.
Pàgina 112 - ... of the other end of it, it is evident that the machinery could be put in motion, without the least danger of forcing the box out of its place, throwing the water out of it, or deranging any part of the apparatus.
Pàgina 116 - I could perceive none; nor was there any sign of decomposition of any kind whatever, or other chemical process, going on in the water. Is it possible that the heat could have been supplied by means of the iron bar to the end of which the blunt steel borer was fixed?
Pàgina 328 - The winds roared, and the rains fell. The poor white man, faint and weary, came and sat under our tree. He has no mother to bring him milk; no wife to grind his corn.

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