Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, 36권

Bishop's College Press, 1868

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144 페이지 - But, for all this, our acceptance of the Darwinian hypothesis must be provisional so long as one link in the chain of evidence is wanting ; and so long as all the animals and plants certainly produced by selective breeding from a common stock are fertile, and their progeny are fertile with one another, that link will be wanting.
14 페이지 - For money they employ the white porcelain shell, found in the sea, and these they also wear as ornaments about their necks. Eighty of the shells are equal in value to a saggio of silver or two Venetian groats, and eight saggi of good silver to one of pure gold.
lxxxii 페이지 - Abstract of the results of the hourly meteorological observations taken at the Surveyor General's Office, Calcutta, in the month of April 1855.
145 페이지 - Darwin, in order to place his views beyond the reach of all possible assault, ought to be able to demonstrate the possibility of developing from a particular stock, by selective breeding, two forms, which should either be unable to cross one with another, or whose cross-bred offspring should be infertile with one another.
56 페이지 - Ali Shah for the time being continues through 745 into 746, when the annual series is taken up and carried on successively for an uninterrupted twelve years by his more favoured opponent.
61 페이지 - East in the early part of the fifteenth century is recorded to have said that "he entered the mouth of the river Ganges, and, sailing up it, at the end of fifteen days he came to a large and wealthy city called Cernove. ... On both banks of the stream there are most charming villas and plantations and gardens Having departed hence he sailed up the river Ganges for the space of three months, leaving behind him four very famous cities, and landed at an extremely powerful city called Maarazia .... having...
56 페이지 - III. to proceed against him in all the pomp and following of an Oriental suzerain — resulting only in the confession of weakness, conveniently attributed to the periodical flooding of the...
1 페이지 - ... numbering in all no less than 13,500 pieces of silver, was found in the Protected State of Kooch Bahar, in Northern Bengal, the contents of which were consigned, in the ordinary payment of revenue, to the Imperial Treasury in Calcutta. Advantage was wisely sought to be taken of the possible archaeological interest of such a discovery, in selections directed to be made from the general bulk to enrich the medal cabinets of the local Mint and the Museum of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. The task...
4 페이지 - Glossary of Indian Terms, p. 373. They were estimated in the currency scheme of 1833 at 6,400 per rupee.— Prinsep's UT, p. 2. Major Rennell, who was in Silhet in 1767-8, speaking of the cowrie money, remarks : " I found no other currency of any kind in the country ; and upon an occasion when an increase in the revenue of the province was enforced, several boat loads (not less than 50 tons each) were collected and sent down the Burrampooter to Dacca.
145 페이지 - ... fulfilled all the conditions of the problem ; you have not shown that you can produce by the cause assumed all the phenomena which you have in nature. Here are the phenomena of hybridism staring you in the face, and you cannot say, 'I can, by selective modification, produce these same results.

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