Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of South-Carolina


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Página 499 - The General Assembly, at its first session after the adoption of this Constitution, shall provide for the appointment of three commissioners whose duty it shall be to revise, simplify and abridge the rules, practice, pleadings and forms of the courts of justice.
Página 492 - Commissioners, whose duty it shall be to revise, simplify, and abridge, the rules, practice, pleadings, and forms, of the Courts of justice.
Página 74 - Resolved by the house of delegates, (the senate concurring,) That a committee of three on the part of the house and two on the part of the senate be appointed to...
Página 403 - Carolina, in the interest of liberty and equality, recently passed a concurrent resolution, instructing our Senators and requesting our Representatives in Congress to vote for...
Página 631 - Act to provide for the construction and repair of the public highways," beg leave to report that they have considered the same, and recommend that the House concur in the Senate amendments.
Página 83 - Be It further resolved, that the Clerk of the House of Representatives be, and he is hereby authorized and directed to...
Página 434 - That a committee of three on the part of the House and on the part of the Senate be appointed to wait...
Página 43 - Judges are appointed by the President of the United States upon the recommendation of the Attorney General.
Página 377 - The legislature shall provide for an annual tax sufficient to defray the estimated expenses of the state for each year ; and whenever the expenses of any year shall exceed the income, the legislature shall provide for levying a tax for the ensuing year, sufficient, with other sources of income, to pay the deficiency, as well as the estimated expenses of such ensuing year.
Página 212 - He shall be liable on his bond as such treasurer for the faithful performance of all the duties imposed upon him by the provisions of this act in relation to the firemen's pension fund, and for the faithful accounting for all moneys and securities which may come into his hands belonging thereto, and he shall keep a separate account thereof, which shall at all times show the true condition of such fund.

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