Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society, Volume 2

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Royal Microscopical Society., 1879
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... containing its transactions and proceedings and a summary of current researches relating to zoology and botany (principally Invertebrata and Cryptogamia), microscopy, &c.

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Halaman 490 - INDEX MEDICUS.— A Monthly Classified Record of the Current Medical Literature of the World.
Halaman 508 - ... be in the axis of the microscope. For obscure objects, seen by transmitted light, and for outline, a full central illumination is commonly best ; but for seeing delicate lines, like those on the scales of insects, it should be made to fall obliquely, and in a direction at right angles to the lines to be viewed. " The diaphragm is often of great use in modifying the light, and stopping such rays as would confuse the image (especially with low or moderate powers), but many cases occur when the...
Halaman 798 - ON THE POPULAR NAMES OF BRITISH PLANTS. Being an Explanation of the Origin and Meaning of the names of our indigenous and most commonly cultivated species.
Halaman 54 - ... microscopestands are placed is supported upon brick piers and arches independent of the main brick walls of the building, which form at the same time the basement of the building. The rest of the floor is supported entirely upon the outside walls and upon columns with stretchers extending under the crown of the arches reaching to the northern wall. This gives to the microscopic work the great advantage of complete isolation from all disturbance caused by walking over the floor. This will be duly...
Halaman 396 - It will be seen from the position of the object, that each ray of light passing from that point through the surface of the hemisphere, will be transmitted in straight lines, in a radial direction, without undergoing any refraction ;. the consequence of which is, that the full and undiminished aperture of the is made to bear upon the object.
Halaman 848 - ... but have no importance whatever as tubular structures. In the human child's ovary, numerous furrows or clefts between irregularities of the general surface are met with. Sections through these furrows and clefts produce the appearance as if the germ epithelium (pseudo-epithelium, Balfour) passed downwards into the ovary in the form of tubular open pits, as was described by Waldeyer and his predecessors. No real tubular structures from which Graafian follicles are formed exist in the mammalian...
Halaman 508 - ... diaphragm is often of great use in modifying the light, and stopping such rays as would confuse the image (especially with low or moderate powers); but many cases occur when the effects desired are best produced by admitting the whole from the mirror. If an achromatic condenser is employed instead of the diaphragm, its axis should correspond with that of the body; and its glasses, when adjusted to their right place, should show the image of the source of artificial light; or by day, that of a...
Halaman 213 - That the thanks of the meeting be given to the President for his Address, and that it be printed in the Journal of the Institute.
Halaman 507 - Much of the beauty of the objects seen depends upon the management of the light that is thrown upon or behind them; which can only be fully mastered by practice. It may be remarked, however, as a general rule, that in viewing those which are transparent, the plane mirror is most suitable for bright daylight; the concave for a lamp or candle, which should have the bull's-eye lens, when that is used, so close to it that the rays may fall nearly parallel on the mirror. If the bull's-eye lens is not...
Halaman 323 - Seal, hereunto annexed, particularly describes and ascertains the Nature of the said Invention and the Manner in which the same is to be performed...

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