Journal to Stella (Letter XXXVIII-LXV). Tracts, political and historical, prior to the accession of George I. The Examiner

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Archibald Constable and Company Edinburgh; White, Cochrane, and Company and Gale, Curtis, and Fenner, London; and John Cumming, Dublin., 1814
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Strana 64 - An outrageous ambition of doing all possible hurt to, their fellow-creatures is the great cement of their assembly, and the only qualification required in the members. In order to exert this principle in its full strength and perfection, they take care to drink themselves to a pitch that is beyond the possibility of attending to any motions of reason or humanity; then make a general sally, and attack all that are so unfortunate as to walk the streets through which they patrole. Some are knocked down,...
Strana 95 - THERE is not so variable a thing in nature as a lady's head-dress: within my own memory I have known it rise and fall above thirty degrees. About ten 'years ago it shot up to a very great height, insomuch that the female part of our species were much taller than the men. (a) The women were of such an enormous stature, that we appeared as grasshoppers before them.
Strana 387 - And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth.
Strana 114 - James's square ; but the porter could hardly answer for tears, and a great rabble was about the house. In short, they fought at seven this morning.
Strana 114 - London, Nov. 15, 1712*. JjEFORE this comes to your hands, you will have heard of the most terrible accident that hath almost ever happened. This morning, at eight, my man brought me word, that duke Hamilton had fought with lord Mohun, and killed him, and was brought home wounded. I immediately sent him to the duke's house, in St. James's square ; but the porter could hardly answer for tears, and a great rabble was about the house.
Strana 115 - They have removed the poor Duchess to a lodging in the neighbourhood, where I have been with her two hours, and am just come away. I never saw so melancholy a scene...
Strana 64 - ... misanthropes are distinguished from one another, consist in the various kinds of barbarities which they execute upon their prisoners. Some are celebrated for a happy dexterity in tipping the lion upon them; which is performed by squeezing the nose flat to the face, and boring out the eyes with their fingers...
Strana 318 - Let any Man observe the Equipages in this Town; he shall find the greater Number of those who make a Figure, to be a Species of Men quite different from any that were ever known before the Revolution; consisting either of Generals and Colonels, or of such whose whole Fortunes lie in Funds and Stocks: So that Power, which, according to the old Maxim, was used to follow Land, is now gone over to Money...
Strana 238 - Somers ; told him, that, having been long conversant with the Greek and Roman authors, and therefore a lover of liberty, I found myself much inclined to be what they called a Whig in politics ; and that, besides, I thought it impossible, upon any other principle, to defend, or submit to, the Revolution...
Strana 104 - MD's health, and Pdfr's, and that I may live free from the envy and discontent that attends those who are thought to have more favour at court than they really possess. Love Pdfr, who loves MD above all things.

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