Journey Of Revenge

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Xlibris Corporation, May 7, 2010 - Fiction - 306 pages
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We must be very careful of how we raise our children. If the wrong message is sent to the child, the end result can be tragic. Children are very impressionable and are born with the desire to please their parents. It is a parent’s responsibility to raise the child into adulthood in a proper manner. There are no good templates to follow or precise instructions for the creation of a well-rounded child. That would be far too simple. Parents must remember that a perfect child does not exist. They also must remember that a child needs to be a child. Each child is very different and each child requires special attention that can only be given by loving parents. If but one parent or future parent reads this book and realizes the potential effect of their actions on a child, and changes their parenting approach, then I have done my job. This novel reflects the effect of an overbearing abusive parent on a child. The child, Zeke, possesses the ability to fully remember everything since he was three years old. Zeke is both physically and mentally abused by a controlling mother, Marie, who is relentless in her quest to prove to the boy that he is evil and worthless. Zeke grows up through childhood to believe that he is really the monster that his mother makes him out to be. Zeke is driven to seclusion early in life by Marie. He only feels safe when he is alone where nobody can see or touch him. He is safe only in a world where he is the one in control and he makes the decisions. Zeke’s father, James, is a workaholic and is seldom around to realize the abuse that goes on during his absence. Marie uses James to administer punishment to the boy for infractions that are blown out of proportion by her anger toward the child. The reality is that Marie never wanted the child and she blames James for the existence of the boy. The truth is that James fears being at home with Marie as much as Zeke does. The control and abuse doesn’t stop with Zeke, it also filters down to James. The story follows Zeke through school where he is constantly in trouble with other children and school officials. His punishment for his behavior is severe and his anger toward the world increases as each day passes. In each case where he is wronged, he must retaliate. Zeke fully understands right from wrong, but he can’t control his anger and hatred. He won’t even try, why should he? His only friend in life, Tony, suffers a tragic death at a very young age and Zeke blames himself for not being able to save him. He feels that if he had only listened to Tony that he could have saved him. That guilt follows Zeke for the rest of his life. He has his first romantic interlude at an early age with a young female neighbor. His trust and ability to care about females is further damaged by the actions of this young lady. Marie has laid the groundwork for Zeke to possess the power to hate when he is rejected. He will not be controlled by anyone. He will be the one who controls each situation. Only Zeke’s feelings matter anymore. Zeke begins to suffer from reoccurring nightmares that haunt him almost daily. He can’t escape them and they continue to burn their way into his mind. A faceless demon with a blood dripping dagger chases him relentlessly in his nightmares. The nightmare intensifies over the years until one day he sees the face of the demon clearly. During the story Zeke’s life crosses the path of an undesirable vagrant named Whitey. He proves to be an individual that needs to be dealt with. Whitey is just another person who tries to control and abuse Zeke. Zeke’s quest to get even with Whitey takes him to a place in his mind that he will travel numerous times in the future. Many chose to cross Zeke during his life and he comes up with unique ways to deal with these individuals. Zeke believes that those who wrong him deserve to be punished and no punishment is too great for those who betray him. Zeke escapes his life at home through the help of James, only to find that life aw

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The author was born and raised on the northeast side of the City of Monroe, Michigan. David graduated from Monroe High School in 1967 and attended Eastern Michigan University majoring in Industrial Technology. He became intensely interested in writing while taking literature courses at Eastern. David was a career management level employee for Ford Motor Company in the field of Computer Systems and Industrial Automation. He enjoys hunting, and fishing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula during October and November each year with wife Terry. David is an avid golfer and Trap shooter during the spring and summer months of the year.

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