Jump Into Janitorial: How To Build A Cleaning Business Netting Over Six Figures A Year.

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2004 - Business & Economics - 312 pages

This is a true story about a man being snatched from a fire? And both victims suffered severe burns on their Bodies. The fire was so hot; it felt like as if I was in hell itself. All I could see was his chest burning, from his waist to his neck nothing but flames everywhere. When I grab him, it was as if the fire had a hold of me instead of me having a hold of it. Panic hit me as I fought to save his life. I look for help but there was no one in sight. I screamed for help but know one could hear me. (And Finally).


Americas Future. Active Volcano's. Earthquakes. Politics. Greed. Economics. Future Events. Diseases. Heaven And Hell. Salvation. Geography. The God-Man. Good And Bad Angels. Angels with Women. Creation. Dinosaurs. Vegetarians. Meat Eaters. The Age Of The Earth. The Sun And The Moon. Radiation. Toxins In Your Body. The Location Of Hell. Some Reasons For Cancer. Sea Creatures. Homosexuality And Lesbianism. False Teachers. Giants. The World Wide Flood. UFO's. Secret Codes. Vitamin D. Capital Punishment. The Big Bang Theory. How Life Began. Living To Be 120 Years Old. Money. Taxes. The Beginning Of Time. Time And Space. Adam and Eve. Yellowstone. Governments. Harry Potter. Science. The King. The Price Of The Air. Bears. Sex. Time Travel. Relationships. Snatched from fire is like having Fifty books in one.

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