Junius. "A Letter to an Honourable Brigadier General, Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in Canada." London, 1760

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W. Pickering, 1841 - Počet stran: 110

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Strana 41 - If the world were sensible at how dear a price we have purchased Quebec in his death, it would damp the public joy. Our best consolation is, that Providence seemed not to promise that he should remain long among us. He was himself sensible of the weakness of his constitution, and determined to crowd into a few years actions that would have adorned length of life.
Strana 100 - During your absence from administration, it is well known that not one of the ministers has either adhered to you with firmness, or supported, with any degree of steadiness, those principles on which you engaged in the King's service.
Strana 77 - I believe the best thing I can do will be to consult with my Lord George Sackville. His character is known and respected in Ireland as much as it is here ; and I know he loves to be stationed in the rear as well as myself.
Strana xi - Men of their unblemished character do not resign lucrative employments without some sufficient reasons. The conduct of these gentlemen has always been approved of, and I know that they stand as well in the esteem of the army as any persons in their station ever did. What then can be the cause that the public and the army should be deprived of their service?

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