Justifiable Mommicide: The Secret White Slave Trade Empire and U. S. War on Millions of White Children by CPS-Family DV Court Industrial Complex

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Books Heal Publishing Incorporated, Nov 4, 2016 - 414 pages
JUDICIAL PROJECT PAPERCLIP is in full effect by the U.S. CPS Family-DV Court Industrial Complex. This sadistic invisible empire consisting of tens of thousands of White honorable judges, referees, magistrates, lawyers, prosecutors, politicians, special masters, DA's, etc are exterminating millions of loving mothers and justifying mommicide by any reason they make up, with an illegal dupe process.Millions of mothers and parents will never see their children again once they are judicially kidnapped and inducted in the covert Family court immoral secret operations. While all races in the U.S. are genocided, oppressed, tortured, and desecrated it's open season and a silent war on millions of White children. Mothers lose not only their children, life savings, liberty, justice, quality of life, many mothers lose their lives?Millions of innocent White mothers and children are enslaved, jailed or illegally 51-50?ed with a life sentence til their brains burn out, in complete silence.'Tens of thousands of AFCC, CRC, PAS secret Mk Ultra Programming Pedophile/Pederast/Pedophocracy court-rings than there are child protection services?Millions of White children are judicially kidnapped, sex trafficked, imprisoned, exploited then Mk Ultra'ed, and/or used as experiments? Pipelined into child porn, prisons, psychiatric institutions, and prostitution by design. ?Child rape, sodomy, Satanism, and ritual abuse is legal in these secretive courtrooms.Masked in trillions of dollars of bogus philanthropic-charitable ?therapeutic, domestic violence,child protection scams, and services. This invisible Nazi-style empire is exterminating affluent mothers by the millions. Wonder why U.S. is 5% of the world's population but over 25% of the prison population? ? may be because MK Ultra torture operations are disguised as Health & Human services? Wonder why police don't get punished for wrongdoing and their extra-judicial killings of unarmed Black men, women, and children? ? might be because they are the paramilitary for U.S. secret White Slave Trade operation torturing millions in secrecy for over 40 years?TIL DEATH DO US PART: Learn why Blacks have to form their own systems. No child on the horizon is safe.

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This woman is a fraud and a scam artist. DO NOT buy this book, she is a liar and a blatant racist.

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Melissa Barnett is the voice for "Mothers of Lost Children.

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