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In 1981, Kim Il Sung, supreme leader of North Korea, announces he has landed rockets on the moon, claiming the moon for North Korea to the exclusion of every other nation on earth. His claim is not without credence, as Il Sung threatens to unleash a deadly virus if his demands are not met. Shin Min Shu is the ingenious North Korean biomedical scientist who has been forced to develop this virus. Kafira Weiss is an Israeli biomedical scientist whose passionate life purpose is to find cures for deadly diseases. This new development with North Korea has her angry but also afraid for the people she loves, and soon, because of her expertise, she becomes personally involved. The CIA believes the United States is being threatened; however, they need proof. How can they be sure of Il Sung's claims? Kafira will be part of a team sent to the space. She will become the first woman to land on the surface of the moon. With trepidation, she agrees to the mission, but wonders, what will she do if Il Jong's declarations are true? What if Min Shu's virus is real and able to infect the earth with a deadly disease? Will Kafira be brilliant enough to find a cure in time, or will one man's greed lead to the end of human life in the universe?

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Chapter 25 The Unravelling
Chapter 26 Sabotage
Chapter 27 Moon Mission
Chapter 28 Disappearance
Chapter 29 Safe House
Chapter 30 Instruction to Kill
Chapter 31 Analysis
Chapter 32 Failed

Chapter 4 Zaire
Chapter 5 Cambridge
Chapter 6 The Sudan
Chapter 7 Center for Contagious Diseases
Chapter 8 Miss Park Myong
Chapter 9 The North Korean Plan
Chapter 10 Miss Shin Min Shu
Chapter 11 Myong and Min Shu
Chapter 12 Early Progress
Chapter 13 Revelation
Chapter 14 The Rockets
Chapter 15 The Mole
Chapter 16 Discovery
Chapter 17 Deception
Chapter 18 Technical Hurdle
Chapter 19 The Watcher
Chapter 20 The First Launch
Part Two
Chapter 21 The Flash
Chapter 22 The Cipher
Chapter 23 Interrogation
Chapter 24 Concerns
Chapter 33 The North Korean Claim
Chapter 34 Lord James Halliday
Chapter 35 Deliberations
Chapter 36 Threatened
Chapter 37 Implementation
Chapter 38 The First Infection
Chapter 39 Confusion
Chapter 40 Kidnapped
Chapter 41 Mislead
Chapter 42 Breakthrough
Chapter 43 Arrogance
Chapter 44 Image
Chapter 45 Missiles
Chapter 46 The Mushroom
Chapter 47 Disaster
Chapter 48 Defeat
Chapter 49 Bureaucracy
Chapter 50 Terminated
Chapter 51 Elimination
Chapter 52 Remorse
Chapter 53 A Loss

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