Kaleidoscope of Blue

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AuthorHouse, Jan 26, 2004 - Fiction - 168 pages
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Hidden within the archives of the mind, there lives the essence of the soul. Deep within the convoluted tunnels hide our fears, the music of our past, the dreams of yesterday, and our hopes for tomorrow. It is where the Id, the Ego, and the Superego learn to live in harmony. And as we journey through life searching for meaning in our existence, we eventually learn to nurture the child within.

To understand a generation, we must walk their path--feel the fierce uncertainty and incredible love of yesterday. "KALEIDOSCOPE OF BLUE" describes a time when this nation's young seemed to be lying their souls naked before the Almighty--bonding, searching--separately, and yet somehow together--the "Flower Child" and the "Soldier"--the "Activist" and the "Hippie". America was down on her knees, begging, pleading for inner peace, and on her hands was the stain of drugs and blood--in her heart, the pain. It was a lot for one generation to bear, but in some strange way it bonded them together.

Amy's past unravels upon the pages as she clings to life. Young love is often bittersweet and can leave scars that last a lifetime. However, life's lessons are never where you expect them. She was raised in the heartland where one can still hear the sound of rustling cornfields on an autumn night and the lone whistle of a train as it rolls along the rails. Her journey continues when she finds herself in Chicago in the 60's. Here she found an unfamiliar world, where medical professionals from many countries had come to learn and to heal, however, they were surrounded with unrest.

Smoke filled the air as they hurried down the darkened street towards the campus fraternity houses. They would live their lives today for tomorrow seemed too uncertain. Bryan was an ambitious student of law who was determined to change the world. She was the small town girl that won his heart. But there were secrets that haunted her--secrets that she alone would face in the dark of night. And although life at times distracted her, it was love that kept her focused--she alone would walk her path.

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About the author (2004)

“KALEIDOSCOPE OF BLUE” is a book of fiction colored with historical facts of a generation. This journey is far more important than the destination. The author grew up in the Midwest. She moved to California in the early 70’s where she has been a registered nurse for 34 years. Her plans are to continue traveling the world, to write of her experiences-- to enrich her journey. She also enjoys writing children’s books because she feels that children are our future. This novel has been an ongoing project for five years. Her hope is that those who remember this era will find within the pages a common bond with those who walked beside them.

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