Karl Ernst Von Baer (1792-1876) and Anton Dohrn (1840-1909): Correspondence: Transactions, APS

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Christiane Groeben
American Philosophical Society, Jan 1, 2008 - 156 pages
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In 1869 Anton Dohrn wrote to Karl Ernst von Baer to enlist his help in supporting the Stazione Zoologica that would soon be set up in Naples. This was the first of an exchange of 36 letters between Anton Dohrn & von Baer that constitutes the principal portion of this correspondence; there is almost a complete record of this correspondence, wherein one extant letter replies to another. Contents of this volume: Editorial Remarks & Acknowledgments; List of Abbreviations; Chronological List of the Letters; Letters 1-41; Appendix: Briefe 1-41; Bibliography; & Index of Names. Illustrations.

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As the great-granddaughter of Anton Dohrn, I am very interested in any work that sheds new light on his character and achievements. Thank you, Christiane Groeben, for elucidating Anton. The introduction and the letters in this collection do just that. It is a scholarly work.
Elizabeth T. Callan Campbell, Lincoln, NE

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Page 18 - ... these ideas. I have expressed the same ideas on the transformation of types or origin of species as Mr. Darwin. But it is only on zoological geography that I rely. You will find in the last chapter of the treatise "Ueber Papuas und Alfuren" that I speak of this very positively without knowing that Mr.
Page 55 - Entwickelt sich die Larve der einfachen Ascidien in der ersten Zeit nach dem Typus der Wirbelthiere ?
Page 76 - Papuas und Alfuren ; ein Commentar zu den beiden ersten abschnitten der abhandlung, Crania Selecta ex Thesauris Anthropologicis, &c.
Page 1 - ES Russell, Form and Function. A Contribution to the History of animal Morphology, London, 1916: chap.
Page 1 - ... participated in it. The object was the investigation of a coral-island, and the establishment of a station upon it for at least several years. The ship and the station should be furnished with all possible things, especially for dredging-work. The scheme fell to pieces owing to a question of etiquette. The commander of a man-ofwar of the Royal Navy would not submit to the direction of a naturalist.
Page ii - BE Raikov, Karl Ernst von Baer 1792—1876. Sein Leben und sein Werk. Übers, mit Anmerkungen v. Dr. Dr. H. v. Knorre (Leipzig 1968. Acta historica Leopoldina 1968 Nr. 5). — Die Einleitung beginnt K. mit einer Biographie Raikovs.
Page 15 - Zweiter Band Allgemeine Entwickelungsgeschichte der Organismen Kritische Grundzuge der mechanischen Wissenschaft von den entstehenden Formen der Organismen, begrundet durch die Descendenz-Theorie (Berlin: Georg Reimer, 1866). 5. See p. 17 of GG Simpson, "The Principles of Classification and a Classification of Mammals," Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History?,5 (1945).
Page 18 - ... it is to suppose that many antelope, sheep and goats were created for the old world and none at all for the new world, where in contrast other genera resolve themselves into other species,— if it is even permitted to imagine that antelope, sheep and goats, that are related in so many ways, may all have developed from a common original form,— yet I can on the other hand find no probability that all animals have developed from one another through transformation.24 11 Stieda, Karl Ernst von...
Page 19 - Niles Eldredge, Time Frames: The Evolution of Punctuated Equilibria (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1985). 158 Mueller, Retreat from Doomsday, pp. 3-13. 1 59 Michael Doyle, "Liberalism and World Politics," American Political Science Review, Vol.
Page 78 - Mittheilungen aus und über die zoologische Station von Neapel. Offenes Sendschreiben an Prof. Dr. C. Th. v. Siebold von Anton Dohrn «57 Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Verticalverbreitnng der BorstenWürmer im Meere. Von E. E hier».

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