Kashmir: Its Aborigines and Their Exodus

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Lancer International Incorporated, Jul 19, 2012 - History - 680 pages
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Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir in 1989 was their seventh such exodus since the arrival of Islam in Kashmir in the fourteenth century. This was precipitated by the outbreak of Pakistan-sponsored insurgency across Kashmir Valley in 1989. The radical Islamists targeted Pandits-a minuscule community in Muslim dominated society creating enormous fear, panic and grave sense of insecurity. In the face of ruthless atrocities inflicted on them, the Pandits' sole concern was ensuring their own physical safety and their resolve not to convert to Islam. Over 350,000 Kashmiri Pandits were forced to flee en masse leaving their home and hearth. This was the single largest forced displacement of people of a particular ethnicity after partition of India. Pandits' travails did not end with the exodus. The obstructive and intimidating attitude of the State administration towards the Pandit refugees made their post-exodus existence even more miserable. The Government at the Centre too remained indifferent to their plight. This book traces the Pandits' economic and political marginalization in the State over the past six decades and covers in detail the events that led to their eventual exodus. In the light of ethnic cleansing of Pandits from the Valley, the book also examines some critical issues so crucial to India's survival as a multi-cultural, liberal and secular democracy.

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I am a Keralite. I have followed the chequered history of Pandits. It is analogous to that of Jews. I have not had the fortune to read your book, but recently I had occasion to read Rahul Pandit's "Our moon has blood clots". From the unmitigated disaster of Sikander Butshikan to the present-day ghouls of Salahudin, Pandits had to suffer mutely the enormities churned out by uninvited guest of Islam. They are still presenting sanguinary deeds in Islamic State. Wait for their downfall, because it is not far away. This filthy colossus has a clayey feet and it will tumble soon. 

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KASHMIR: Its Aborigines and Their Exodus
Respect Tikoo Sahabh,
Not sure if you you will ever read this but I owe few lines for you dedicated effort in writing a wonderful Book
I must have been among first 50 people who purchased your recent book yet couldn't meet or attend the launch seminar owing to many reasons. Being a slow reader , l am still reading this book as I feel to live through this research manuscript.
Every chapter takes me to the plane of emotions , nostalgia & refulgent analysis to feel what is written by you. A bullet drilling through our martyr body , a man falling to sword of Budshikan , a burning KP library in 15th Century & Moulds of Batta Mazaar !
Feel of 800 years persecution & 5000 years of history cant be read & experienced in few months.Emotional thirst in me often drops tears on my desk & I bow my head to sacrifices & hardships of our ancestors. I grieve at the present circumstances when memories lose their meaning & few among us are blessed by almighty to feel it. We call it Exile Consciousness as coined by Dr Agnishekhar.
EC is not a feeling of Revenge or sadness or ecstasy of victim-hood which makes us weak but a potent armour which energizes us like electron spinning in compound formation & releasing positive energy.
It is a research manuscript & deserves highest praise. May be in todays marketing world , it may not have great attention but let me make honest confession that best books in history of mankind have made the slowest start & stayed there till today
If someday our progeny walks into UN to defend our case & seek homeland , trust me even 100th generation of ours will carry this literary piece along & quote the details from it.
I have a dream to maintain the best Library on Exile Consciousness at my home . Trust me your book along with so many others like Dardpoor , Jawahar Tunnel , Our Moon has Blood Clots & many more deserve the best place. You have documented our pain not only for our future generation but even for those who will deny us our right today & tomorrow.
Someday this document will relieve me of my pain to be a refugee in my own Nation. The relief which even dead didn't get on Pyre & Living couldnt get on bed. Congratulations Once again & I am sure a personal book reading with you is must.
With Great Joy ,
Veer Ji Wangoo

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Col Tej Kumar Tikoo (Retd), Ph.D. was born at Srinagar (Kashmir) on 15 April, 1950. After completing his school and college education at Srinagar, he joined the Indian Army; being commissioned into 1st Battalion of the newly raised Naga Regiment on 22 August 1971. Soon thereafter, he found himself fighting the 1971 Indo-Pak war in the eastern sector, which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. As an infantryman, Col Tikoo spent major portion of his thirty four years of service in the Army, on the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir or fighting insurgency operations. This includes deployment in present day southern Siachen Glacier and counter-insurgency operations in Nagaland, Manipur, Assam, Punjab, Srilanka (as part of IPKF) and later in Jammu and Kashmir. Col Tikoo is a graduate of the prestigious Defence Services Staff College and has been an instructor in the Senior Command wing of the Army War College at Mhow. He also commanded the newly fromed counter-insurgency training school in Jammu and Kashmir which, over the years, has contributed immensely to the success of Army, Para Military and Central Armed Police Forces in fighting insurgency in the State. He retired in 2004. He is an M.Sc. in Defence Studies from Madras University. He was awarded a Ph.D. in defence studies in 2012. He can be contacted at: tk_tikoo@yahoo.com

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