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Macmillan, 1902 - Poets, English - 229 pages

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Page 151 - in the chapel aisle are brought before us, not by any effort of description, but solely through our sympathy with the shivering fancy of the beadsman :— " Knights, ladies, praying in dumb orat'ries, He passeth by; and his weak spirit fails To think how they may ache in icy hoods and mails." Even into the sculptured heads of the corbels in
Page 168 - river sallows, borne aloft Or sinking as the light wind lives or dies ; And full-grown lambs loud bleat from hilly bourn; Hedge-crickets sing; and now with treble soft The red-breast whistles from a garden-croft; And gathering swallows twitter in the skies." To pass from our poet's work at this time in the several fields of romance, epic, ballad, and ode, to those
Page 151 - weak spirit fails To think how they may ache in icy hoods and mails." Even into the sculptured heads of the corbels in the banqueting hall the poet strikes life:— "The carved angels, ever eager-eyed, Stared, where upon their heads the cornice rests, With wings blown back, and hands put cross-wise on their breasts.
Page 89 - over hollow grounds, And wither drearily on barren moors: Dread opener of the mysterious doors Leading to universal knowledge—see, Great son of Dry ope, The many that are come to pay their vows With leaves about their brows!" 1 Book 1, Song 4. The point about Browne has been made by Mr WT Arnold.
Page 95 - Why have ye left your bowers desolate, Your lutes, and gentler fate?' 'We follow Bacchus, Bacchus on the wing, A conquering ! Bacchus, young Bacchus ! good or ill betide, We dance before him thorough kingdoms wide:— Come hither, lady fair, and joined be To our wild minstrelsy!' ' Whence came ye, jolly Satyrs! Whence came ye
Page 33 - for Freedom's sake, And lo! whose steadfastness would never take A meaner sound than Raphael's whispering. And other spirits there are standing apart Upon the forehead of the age to come; These, these will give the world another heart, And other pulses. Hear ye not the hum Of mighty workings in the human mart? Listen awhile, ye nations, and be dumb.
Page 183 - the candle, Brown, and let me see this blood.' After regarding it steadfastly, he looked up in my face, with a calmness of countenance that I can never forget, and said,— ' I know the colour of that blood;—it is arterial blood ;—I cannot be deceived in that colour ;—that drop of blood is my
Page 85 - makes Chloe tell, in lines beautifully paraphrased and amplified from Theocritus— "How the pale Phoebe, hunting in a grove, First saw the boy Endymion, from whose eyes She took eternal fire that never dies; How she convey'd him softly in a sleep, His
Page 139 - not infrequent in his earliest verses. And in the call of the wicked brothers to Lorenzo— "To-day we purpose, aye this hour we mount To spur three leagues towards the Apennine. Come down, we pray thee, ere the hot sun count His dewy rosary on the eglantine,"— the last two
Page 158 - instance of the power and reality of scenic imagination :— "As men talk in a dream, so Corinth all, Throughout her palaces imperial, And all her populous streets and temples lewd, Mutter'd, like tempest in the distance brew'd, To the wide-spreaded night above her towers. Men, women, rich and poor, in the cool hours, Shuffled their sandals o'er the pavement white,

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