Keep Kicking: Stories That Give You a Kick and Stories to Keep You Kicking

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"Telling a good story is like giving a mini-documentary of what you have seen so others can see it, too."
Annette Simmons

School yards and classrooms are filled with amazing human beings, and, therefore, fantastic stories. Whenever educators gather some of those stories get told. Invariably, someone will offer the advice, "You've got to write that down." Following that advice has resulted in this first volume of "Keep Kicking." It is a collection of stories from the humorous, "Now do I have your attention?" to the sublime, "You were right. I was good for something, here's your money back for that soda at middle school."

Take a look inside and see how these stories (and the 49 others from 32 different tellers) unfold to reveal a very special side of being a school leader.

"ACSA's Elementary Education Committee created "Keep Kicking" to capture some of the unexpected moments of joy and hope that all school leaders encounter as they go about their daily work. As such, it is a salute to everyone that has put on the shoes of a school principal." -Michael Bossi, Chair, ACSA Elementary Education Committee

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