Kelly's Secrets Rx for Longevity: The Missing Notes

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AuthorHouse, Sep 25, 2007 - Self-Help - 212 pages
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Rx for Longevity, Kelly’ Secrets, “The Missing Notes”.


There are many publications out that claim how to live longer, reduce aging, reduce weight, diet, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and even some hinting at the Fountain Of Youth or Immortality.  Realistically, at this time in science, technology, biochemistry, medical and nutrition research, it may not be possible to live much longer than 100-120 years of age.  It may be possible in the future with more discoveries regarding stem cells and

gene research to extend life up to 150 years or more.


This book attempts to show how, by choosing a “Kelly Lifestyle" that fits your daily living, can result in great health improvement and a much longer life.  At the same time, this book is also about a research pharmacist who spent years gathering information about longevity and how to achieve it.  His research is somehow discovered and a story unfolds which mirrors the potential danger of discovering a youth formula that may actually work.

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About the author (2007)

John Kelly was born in San Francisco, California.  He received his B.S.(Bachelor of Science) degree in pharmacy from the University of Texas, in Austin.  After working 6 months as a retail pharmacist with a national drug chain, in El Paso, Texas, he attended the University of Florida graduate school for about a year, specializing in clinical pharmacology. 


However, after a year of grad school, he decided to leave the academic environment and pursue a career with the drug chain.  He began his career as a chief pharmacist for a year, then he became a store manager.  During his management career, he worked in 5 states and later became a district manager in Florida for nearly 20 years. During his career, he maintained several state pharmacy licenses and continuing education requirements.  


All through, his working career, he would still find time to do research and at the time of his retirement, he had accumulated a massive file on health and aging.  His file included encyclopedic detail on medicines from natural sources (Pharmacognosy), vitamins, antioxidants, dietary minerals and supplements.  The last 2 years, while he was still working and a year after his retirement, he decided to write a book about longevity and how to achieve it. 


He researched the net, including Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google, Discover and National Geographic publications, Mayo Clinic research, various science newsletters, several nutritional publications (especially “The Complete Food Counter” by Annette Natow, PHD, and Jo-Ann Heslin, MA., R.D.), as well as publications from AARP, Wall Street Jr., Financial Times, local newspapers, USA today and always focusing on the latest and best information about health and longevity.


This book attempts to give you solid choices and a several secrets to live longer and add some entertainment regarding the discovery of a mysterious formula that may actually reverse aging.      

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