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So far in 2013-14 I've written and produced four albums and am working on a fifth. Two; "The river" and "Charleena" in 2013 and "The King of  The Fire", and "once Upon a Perfect Storm" in 2014, and am working on "I'm in Love With a Dream". Many of my songs are ballads with a natural order theme to them, I try to put meaning to them , tell a story or have the listener stop and take pause. There is a pattern or creative reality expressed in many of them with a philosophical alignment to Native cultures.

 Subjects include stuff like Eagles ,Rivers ,Storms ,Dreams, Battle, Love, Spirit, Fire, Wonder, Life, Epic Adventure, and Overcoming or Conquering adversity through Natural Living. I find myself in agreement with native philosophy and teachings  


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  Having grown up in the smallest city in Michigan "Luna Pier" on Lake Erie, My grandfather having a bait shop boat rental there surrounded by a wildlife preserve and Lagoons i grew to love nature and found myself spiritually connected to it. To me not only the exposure but my heritage added to this as having for Ancestors "Woods Runners" Fur Traders and Interpreters also Native blood with many ancestors part of the fur trade dynasty families (Metis) that migrated to Detroit and River Raisin (Monroe) from Canada 

 I've had Jobs such as Clamming in the Bay and Construction work, surveying and other outdoor jobs that nurtured my love for nature in the bays and Open Spaces of New Jersey where I Raised my two Adult children. I had stoped drinking and smoking at 38 and for ten years after that i took up doing wood sculpturing for the next ten years on and off, i liked looking at the patterns in the wood, like patterns in the physical and natural world i began two except a natural order philosophy and while cleaning up and building a park in 2007 2008;( I began to write songs,I learned how to arrange and naively put together accompaniment using Music loops and software to simply beat matched my Naive arrangements, i have nearly thee hundred songs online now, I put a lot of thought into my songs and even though Many are different sounding, i personally have learned to listen to them in a way that mashes the melodies. the surprising thin I didn't start singing till after I had a battle with throat and neck cancer, having had radiation and my teeth removed, i had to forced myself to sing at times and even though its gotten much better at times I'm still affected by the radiation, but its been over ten years now so hey I'm alive and making music, i probably will add more tracks , say a guitar track from a real musician, i have saved all the files to split the tracks so as to make my music dynamic and ever changing as technology and my capabilities change

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