Key to Ahn's Fourth German Book

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E. Steiger, 1876 - German language - 35 pages

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Page 26 - It is difficult for the iconically oriented child to see a half-full barrel and a half-filled thimble as equally full, since the former looms larger in every one of the attributes that might be perceptually associated with volume. It is like the old riddle of which is heavier, a pound of lead or a pound of feathers.
Page 14 - When a whole is divided into four „ . equal parts, one of these parts is called one Fourth (or Quarter); two are called two Fourths; three, three Fourths; &c.
Page 20 - ... your fathers and mothers, or other people. You would not like to stop growing where you are now, — at three feet high, or four feet; or even at five. But if you do not feed your minds as well as your bodies, they will stop growing ; and one of the poorest, meanest, most despicable things I have ever seen in the world, is a little mind in a great body.
Page 31 - ... but you may look at the map, and you will see how large a part of the continent of Africa they cover. The lion lives also in Asia, but it is said that he is less strong and courageous there, and of a paler colour." " Do they ever eat children ? " asked Harry. " Yes ; and men too. The Arabs in the north of Africa, and the Hottentots in the south, live in equal fear and dread of the lion. The Arabs, you know, dwell in tents ; and when a number of these tents are put up near each other, so as to...
Page 16 - ... damnable if I should not have as much freedom to do good as other poetic heads have to work evil. IF A ruler has received the two heavenly gifts of knowledge and purity of heart, the earthly gift of statecraft will come of itself. Thus two celestial telescopes combine to form one terrestrial telescope. NECESSITY is the mother of the arts; but also the grandmother of vices.
Page 16 - ... in a great stream, which kept getting bigger and bigger, until at last it swallowed up the little girl, the little tree, the ashes, the cart, the broom, the door, the Flea, and, last of all, the Spider, all together. The Little Shepherd Boy upon a time there was a little shepherd boy who was famed far and wide for the wise answers which he gave to all questions. Now the king of the country heard of this lad, but he would not believe what was said about him, so the boy was ordered to come to court....
Page 18 - The farmers work in summer from 4 o'clock in the morning until 8 o'clock in the evening.
Page 26 - ... of the earth*. In quality of men of learning, they ought to be the eye of the blind, the foot of the lame, the light of the world. It is not enough for a Bifhop that he be a man of virtue, and that he confults men * Matt. v. 13. of learning to know what he is to do ; he muft of himfelf difcern good from evil, truth from error; for he is the Judge of...
Page 12 - Tell me with whom you keep company, and I will tell you what you are.
Page 4 - I rejoice that the grave has not yet closed over me, that I still live in order to lift up my voice against a great wrong.

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