Kinematics: A Graphical Approach

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Prentice Hall, 1995 - Technology & Engineering - 247 pages
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For courses in Graphical Kinematics or Kinematics.

Using many examples and illustrations, this text describes a graphical approach instead of complex analytical methods as the tool for solving the various problems of kinematics.

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abscissa absolute vector acceleration analysis acceleration of point addendum circle angular acceleration angular displacement angular velocity axis axis of rotation base circle base curve belt belt drive bevel gears body cam charts cam curve cam follower center of curvature centrode chain CHAIN DRIVES circular arc circular pitch clockwise coincident points component computer graphics connecting rod constant angular velocity construction counterclockwise crank crank arm crankpin crankshaft cycloidal cycloidal gear d'Alembert's Principle determined diametral pitch direction disk displacement diagram distance drawing drawn driving epicyclic epicyclic gear epicyclic train epicycloid equal equation Figure 11 fixed gear fixed link flat belt flywheel follower four-link gear train graphical helical gears hypocycloid idler inertia instant center intersection involute involute gears kinematic kinematic chains length Light Pen line of action line shaft linear acceleration linear velocity located magnitude mechanism shown below method midpoint method move normal acceleration number of teeth pair pantograph parallel parallelogram law path per second perpendicular pin joint piston pitch circle pitch diameter pivot center plane PLANETARY GEAR point on link pole pole position position pressure angle pulleys radians radians per second radius radius of curvature relative motion represents revolution revolutions per minute roller rotation SCOTCH YOKE shaft shown in Figure similar triangle simple harmonic motion slider sliding Space scale speed ratio sprocket spur gears statically determinate straight line stroke subroutine tangent tangential acceleration tangential component Therefore tooth torque triangle turns universal joint V-belt vector vector addition VECTOR GRAPHICAL velocity and acceleration velocity of point velocity polygon velocity ratio Velocity scale worm worm gear

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