Kinematics and Kinetics of Machinery: A Text-book for Colleges and Technical Schools

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John Wiley & sons, Incorporated, 1921 - Machinery, Kinematics of - 383 pages
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Page 392 - Mechanics. ^— — — 12 — Medicine. Pharmacy. Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Sanitary Science and Engineering. Bacteriology and Biology. * MINING ENGINEERING 13 — General; Assaying; Excavation, Earthwork, Tunneling, Etc.; Explosives; Geology; Metallurgy; Mineralogy; Prospecting; Ventilation.
Page 391 - For convenience a list of the Wiley Special Subject Catalogues, envelope size, has been printed. These are arranged in groups — each catalogue having a key symbol. (See special Subject List Below). To obtain any of these catalogues, send a postal using the key symbols of the Catalogues desired.
Page 392 - Design. Decoration. Drawing: General; Descriptive Geometry; Kinematics; Mechanical. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING— PHYSICS 7 — General and Unclassified; Batteries; Central Station Practice; Distribution and Transmission; Dynamo-Electro Machinery; Electro-Chemistry and Metallurgy; Measuring Instruments and Miscellaneous Apparatus. 8 — Astronomy. Meteorology. Explosives. Marine and ' Naval Engineering. Military. Miscellaneous Books. MATHEMATICS 9 — General; Algebra; Analytic and Plane Geometry; Calculus;...
Page 391 - Production; Paint; Printing; Sugar Manufacture; Textile. CHEMISTRY 4a General; Analytical, Qualitative and Quantitative; Inorganic; Organic. 4b Electro- and Physical; Food and Water; Industrial; Medical and Pharmaceutical; Sugar.
Page 263 - Cycloid. The cycloid is a curve generated by a point on the circumference of a circle which rolls on a straight line tangent to the circle.
Page 259 - The circular pitch is the distance measured along the pitch circle from a point on one tooth to the corresponding point on the next tooth, or the circumference of the pitch circle divided by the number of teeth.
Page 251 - ... right cones, are shown in Fig. 94. Each cylinder has one base in common with that of one of the cones, hence the axis of this cylinder and cone must coincide. The bases of the two cones (and of the corresponding cylinders) need not be equal, but the Fig. 93 Fig. 94 Fig. 95 slant height of both cones is the same. The bases of the two cones have a common tangent, in their plane (perpendicular to the paper), passing through M. Now imagine the two axes, AA and BB, to rotate in their common plane,...
Page 260 - Backlash. When the width of a tooth, measured on the pitch circle, is less than the width of the space of the gear with which it is in mesh, the difference between the width of space and width of tooth is called the backlash.
Page 219 - Let a (Fig. 25) be a vector drawn along the axis of rotation in that direction in which a right-handed screw would advance if turned in the direction in which the body is rotating.
Page 261 - The arc of approach is the arc measured on the pitch circle from the position of the tooth at the beginning of contact to the pitch point, as arc aO in Fig.

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