King Generous and King Selfish

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AuthorHouse, Jan 5, 2006 - Fiction - 284 pages
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This is the story of two kings who lived in a territory called Kingsland.  One king was always generous, respectful, kind and pleasant.  The other king was always selfish, disrespectful, unkind and mean.  It’s not just the story about the two kings, but it’s also the story about the numerous lessons that were learned by the most powerful people in Kingsland.  Lessons that made them change their way of thinking, as well as their actions.

The story took place during the time when the kings were the supreme rulers of the land.  There were many kingdoms throughout Kingsland, but they were very far apart from each other.  Each kingdom was totally independent, but there was, however, one king who was the supreme ruler of them all.  His name was King Soopream.

The story has a plentiful supply of kindness and generosity, as well as a great deal of despair and surprises. The kind-hearted people in this story felt that if they could only help one person in the world, they would gladly do it.  However, as it turned out, many people were able to help numerous other people, and they were delighted to do it.

If this story changes the life of only one person, for the better, even for a brief moment, then it was worth writing this book.



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About the author (2006)

After many years of telling stories, I have decided to write several books about the many tales that I told my children at bedtime when they were small.  They enjoyed every one of my stories, even when they were growing into adolescence.  They wanted to hear a different story every night before they went to sleep.  This one took almost a week to tell.

“The Clock of Peaceville” was the first book that I ever published.  “King Generous and King Selfish” was only my second book.  I have written many other books which will be published in the near future.

I have a degree in computer sciences from NYCC.  I have done many things in my life, but I am now a retired real estate broker.  I am a divorced father of two grown children.  I love the outdoors, but what I enjoy the most is fishing on the ocean; I can’t seem to get enough of it. When I’m not fishing, I’m writing stories.

Anyone wishing to communicate with the author, for any reason, may do so at P.O. Box 150366, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215.




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