Knocked Down But Not Destroyed

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WinePress Publishing, 2010 - Christian biography - 136 pages
We've heard of the power of God, we've read about the power of God, and we'd all like to experience the power of God, but here's a man who lives wi\th it through the gifts of the Holy Spirit as a part of his daily life. Meet Gregg Griffiths. This "man's man" reached manhood capable of taking care of himself. As he proceeded through life, however, he noticed unexplainable incidences of care and rescue that he couldn't take credit for himself. Eventually, he became a believer in Almighty God and allowed Him to truly take over and empower his life. And what excitement was to follow! Travel with Griffiths as he takes you through his remarkable life's journey, detailing how God's gifts have worked in the life of an ordinary man. Due to the working of the gifts of the Holy Spirit among the astonishing, documented events, you'll read of: Amazing protection on the battlefields of Vietnam Incredible insight into crimes and criminals on the streets of the city Miraculous recoveries and healings from injuries Unexplainable foreknowledge in law enforcement situations And much more In Knocked Down But Not Destroyed, Griffiths gives us an account proving that being knocked down doesn't mean being knocked out when the gifts of the Spirit are in operation in the life of the believer.

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I read some of the examples you provided. Easy to read and very entertaining. I was the resident medic at the SEAD dispensary from 1972-1974. Dr Eisenberg was there, along with Carrie Jean and Velma. The NCOIC was Sgt Ainsworth. Small world, huh? There were lots of other medics coming and going as the war dissolved and the Army assigned short timers to a post that was closer to their homes. In my case, I am from Massachusetts and Ft Devens is about an hour from my home. So I got posted 6 hours from home- still not bad in a comparative world. Nice to see you are a believer in the gifts of the spirit.Events are not co-incidence, as non believers would have it. Best of luck,God bless, Bob Bertrand 207 232 6427 


Chapter One Military Experience
Chapter Two Law Enforcement
Chapter Three Conversion Experience and the Bestowment of Gifts
Chapter Four A Brief Overview of the Gifts
Chapter Five Gifts of Revelation
Chapter Six Gifts of Inspiration
Chapter Seven Gifts of Power
Chapter Eight Post Script
Chapter Nine How to Obtain This Power

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