LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT: The Mayan Adventure

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Apress, Mar 1, 2007 - Computers - 336 pages

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT has hit the world by storm, giving you the ability to build your own robots and program them to perform all types of actions. What kind of robots? How about five exploratory robots, used to explore the newly discovered tomb of an ancient Mayan king?

You are along for the ride with Evan and his archaeologist uncle as they explore a Mayan pyramid complete with traps and treasures. Using a variety of NXT robots, the archaeology team is able to move deeper into the tomb towards the secrets of King Ixtua. But beware of the traps! The pyramid's design has successfully deterred unwanted visitors through the centuries, and your team will need to be careful and alert.

You will learn and use a design methodology that will teach you about the new motors and sensors that your robot can use. Complete building and programming instructions are provided for each robot, allowing you to follow along and learn as you build.

Can you help Evan and the team of explorers navigate through the old pyramid and discover King Ixtua's tomb? Read the stories, examine the environments, and build and program the robots that will allow the team to move closer to the secrets of The Mayan Adventure.

This book shows how to design a NXT robot to solve real-world problems. It includes worksheets that encourage constructive brainstorming techniques. You’ll gain access to four new and unique robot designs. This book is suitable for both adults and kids exploring NXT.

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ehh... whats up doc

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This book is a fantastic tool to learn more about and program your NXT robot. I think the best way to use this book is to first work through the building and programming instructions that come with your NXT software, then start working through this book in order. I love it because you can do it at your own pace, plus you can put it down and come back to it later. The story gives it a fun twist instead of just having instructions, and I like that because you can imagine yourself as the character in the story.
This is also a great tool for FIRST FLL teams, because it helps explore deeper into what your robot can do than just the tutorials that come with the software do. My FLL team worked through this book as a Summer project, and it ended up being a great influence on us through the competition season--we ended up asking ourselves questions like, "How did we work this problem out in The Mayan Adventure?" "Is there a way that we could make this simpler like we did during the GrabberBot challenge?"
The design journal pages were my favorite part of it--I loved filling out the pages and then being able to use them later on while I was building and programming. This worked a lot better than just winging it.
All in all, this is a wonderful book. Mr. Kelly did really great things with it, and it's definitely worth every penny.

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Tomb Trap and Trigger
ExploroBotPlanning and Design
ExploroBotBuild It
ExploroBotProgram It
String Pebbles and Gravity
StringBotPlanning and Design
StringBotBuild It
StringBotProgram It
GrabberBotBuild It
GrabberBotProgram It
Bravery Wisdom and Honor
PushBotPlanning and Design
PushBotBuild It
PushBotProgram It
Discovery Secret and Home
Online Reference and Support

Scroll Key and Camera
SnapShotBotPlanning and Design
SnapShotBotBuild It
SnapShotBotProgram It
Get In Grab It Get Out
GrabberBotPlanning and Design
Building Instructions for Bots
HiTechnic NXT Compass Sensor

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James Floyd Kelly is a professional writer from Atlanta, Georgia. He has written numerous books on multiple subjects, including LEGO robotics, open source software, and building your own CNC machine as well as a 3D printer. He is the editor-in-chief of the number one MINDSTORMS NXT blog, The NXT Step (, where he is joined by fellow NXT experts who share their knowledge and designs with other robot fans around the world.

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