L'antiquité expliquée et représentée en figures, Volume 1

Front Cover
Chez Florentin Delaulne, 1724 - 5 pages

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The person who posted this is a worthless fuck up who cut off half of every single god damn page. A picture book that won't display pictures, how fucking stupid. You can see half of the pictures if you download the PDF version but good luck finding anything, since the pages aren't aligned with the page numbers displayed by Adobe, and searching for terms is fruitless, as no matter what you type in, the results always say that your term is not found. Which is a lie, I know for a fact many of the terms I searched for are in the book. So you go back to google to try a search there, but there are no page numbers in the display box, and if your search term isn't spelled perfectly in 18th century French(NOT modern French or you're still fucked), then you won't find what you're looking for either. Google translate provides no help either in that regard as it only accepts modern French as well. This half-assed(literally HALF) abomination will be taken down ASAP as it does absolutely nothing but STEAL important time from folks with important things to do, such as myself.
To the person or persons who posted this- you and all your descendants after you shall burn in Hell for all eternity in boiling swine shit while getting skull fucked by Satan's bifercated cock.
You will not deny it.
I have spoken.

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