Laboratory Instructions for Tests of Cement, Mortar and Concrete

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Page 5 - Before leaving a machine or when a test is finished be sure that the clutches are properly thrown out and that the machine has stopped running. CAUTION. — At times machines have been left running by operators with the result that usually some part of the machine was broken.
Page 6 - Title. This should indicate at a glance the scope of the test. Purpose. Give briefly the object and significance of the test. Material. Describe the materials tested. Give scale sketches or photographs of the specimens before and after failure.
Page 6 - Method of Test. Describe all operations which have any bearing on the performance or success of the test. Data. Submit a tabular transcript of the essential data from the laboratory log book.
Page 11 - The per cent of voids equals the ratio of the volume of water added to the volume of the pail, times 100.
Page 4 - Should any apparatus be broken, it should be reported immediately. Breakages due to carelessness will be charged to the student responsible for the damage.
Page 5 - The machines in the laboratory are in operation daily and students are welcome to witness the tests at any time. Do not operate a machine for the first time without the assistance of the instructor. Do not start a machine without determining the direction and speed with which it will move. Do not start a machine too suddenly as there is danger of stripping...
Page 3 - PREFACE This manual has been prepared for Civil Engineering students who take the course in cement testing at the University of California.
Page 4 - GENERAL RULES FOR LABORATORY WORK Prompt and regular attendance is required of every student.
Page 3 - The chief objects of the course are to acquaint the student with the methods of testing cement and cement products, and to cultivate habits of accurate observation and clear description of phenomena.
Page 5 - Before applying the load in any test, balance the weighing apparatus with the poise at zero and the test piece in the machine.

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