Labyrinth13: True Tales of the Occult, Crime and Conspiracy

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Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2006 - Conspiracies - 264 pages
Labyrinth13 is packed with tales of unsolved murders, bizarre coincidences and strange occult experiments, including: a look at the possible solution to a Da Vinci Code-type occult cryptogram over 100 year old; odd paranormal events, including phantom black dogs, American vampires, a house that dripped blood, and a haunted island; weird hippie cults, LSD murders, mind control, and infamous crimes, including investigations into the Zodiac, Manson, and Son of Sam murders This book also contains detailed endnotes, fully cited resources, and highly readable appendixes -- including interviews with key figures in some of the most unusual events in paranormal and true crime history.

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This is a carefully researched and well-written book.
It is quite obvious that the one-star, negative review posted by Nataraj comes from someone who has never actually read this book.
Nataraj claims that there is "no original research," but if that person had in fact read the book - including the copious endnotes and appendices found inside – he/she would have known that the author in fact conducted extensive original research that includes personally interviewing many of the people who were directly involved with the various stories featured inside. (The book contains eight full-length appendixes, detailed endnotes, and a list of all source materials).
Examples of the research found in the book includes:
The author's personal interviews with key witnesses to the murder saga that took place on Palmyra Island, including the two people who actually discovered the remains of murder victim Muff Graham. In addition, the author corresponded with World War II veterans who had been stationed on Palmyra during the war, sailors who had traveled to Palmyra before, during, and after the murders, and finally, with author Vincent Bugliosi, whose book, "And The Sea Will Tell," was the main catalyst for the story.
For the story about the connections between Charles Manson, the "Son of Sam" and the Process Church of the Final Judgment, the author interviewed several of the original members of the Process Church, including one of the group's founders; he interviewed Wheat Carr, one of the last surviving family members who lived next door to "Son of Sam" murderer David Berkowitz, and he even corresponded with Berkowitz himself. He also researched legal case law connected to the crimes.
The author also corresponded directly with key researchers involved in the Zodiac murders and cites all of his sources for information about the Zodiac crimes in an extensive selection of appendixes and endnotes.
The only "cut and paste" readers will find is where the author quotes directly from a source, all of which are professionally referenced and fully footnoted.
Unfortunately, it is all too easy for dishonest people to use the Internet these days to post sham reviews such as the one posted by Nataraj.
But don't take my word for it – the book offers a free limited preview for anyone who wants to browse through any of the chapters in order to decide for themselves whether the book is worthy of their time. This preview feature is offered on Google Books,, and books.

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This book is nothing more than a mixed collection of part-truths, rumors, and (sometimes) outright mis-information gathered from various rumer-monger sites on the internet.
The author has performed
no original research and has merely relied on the copy-&-paste antics of other mis-informed, descended webmasters.
So much of the information is rumor and sensational lies that one should really consider saving their money and their mind and move on to reading material that contains something more realistic.
In fact, the author and the publisher should be ashamed of themselves for issuing such a poor product.

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