Lady with a Lamp: An Untold Story of Florence Nightingale

Front Cover
Fireship Press, 2009 - 94 pages
With 48 Photos from the Stageplay A Play with the Power of a Novel Crimea, 1854: Having botched the Charge of the Light Brigade, Lord Cardigan is hiding on his yacht, drinking himself into stupor. On the shore, at the hospital corps, a mutiny is brewing. Egotistic doctors, brutish surgeons and skittish nurses wage mind wars against each other amidst filth and chaos. Florence Nightingale, the legendary "Lady with a Lamp" - a saint to her patients and a frigid spinster to her colleagues - finds solace in the company of Tom Grant, a haggard physician with a sinister reputation. Trading grim jokes and scientific facts, the two develop a cerebral romance that promises to mark a new era for English medicine. Inevitably, Tom's semi-criminal past surfaces, throwing him in the political crossfire between Lords Cardigan and Lucan. Following on Marina Julia Neary's supurb novel, Wynfield's Kingdom, this is a play that is as much of a delight to read as it is to see on stage.

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