Landmines of the Mind

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iUniverse, Dec 28, 2007 - Reference
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Sample these observations:
  • So many religions out there! Religious affiliation is alottery ticket. The winning ticket, if there is one, will beannounced in the hereafter, if it exists.
  • In a single male ejaculation, there are some 100 millionsperm cells. Since each cell carries a slightly differentgenetic makeup and would create a different person, each human being who ever lived won the lottery of life atodds of 100 million to one. And yet people complain ofbad luck.
  • In a traditional, theocentric society, the four values of love, marriage, sex, and procreation come as part of a singlepackage.We moderns have unwrapped the package anddisassembled the toy.
  • Statements like "I really love you!" and "You are beautiful!"are entrance fees.
  • The Pill made prudence prudery.
  • Humankind does not deserve itself.
If you enjoy these, another 1500 like them await you inLANDMINES OF THE MIND. Sometimes amusing; oftenshocking; always thought-provoking."Witty, startling, honest aphorisms that undercut complacency and provide new perspectives on politics, religion, and sex."
-Stanley Friedman, author of "Dickens's Fiction""Excellent..Truth telling, no matter how offensive or shocking to some...Brilliant, incisive and witty aphorisms"
--The Queens Bar Bulletin (November 2006)

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