Language Work Below the High School: Printed as Manuscript, for the Use of the Students of the Illinois State Normal University

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Pantagraph Stationery Company, printers, 1887 - English language - 63 pages
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Page 32 - ... he called out to his companions that there must be a house not far off, for he saw a light. The donkey said, "If so, we had better get up and go on, for the shelter here is bad.
Page 24 - It happened one day that they were both passing through a wood, and the wolf said, "Red fox, find me something to eat, or I shall eat you.
Page 32 - The donkey and the dog lay down under a large tree ; the cat climbed up on one of the branches ; and the cock flew to the top of the tree, where he felt quite safe. Before they...
Page 33 - ... and, thinking the cat's shining fiery eyes were live coals, he held a match to them to light it. But the cat did not understand the joke, flew in his face, spat at him, and scratched. He was dreadfully frightened, ran away, and was going out of the back door; when the dog, who was lying there, jumped up and bit him in the leg. As he ran through the yard, past the dunghill, the donkey gave him a good kick with his hind-foot; and the cock being awakened, and made quite lively by the noise, called...
Page 21 - If once he gets into the house, he will eat you up, skin, and hair, and all. The rascal often disguises himself, but you will know him by his rough voice and his black feet.
Page 31 - I shall scream at the top of my voice as long as I can." "Listen, Red Comb," said the donkey; "would you like to run away with us ? We are going to Bremen, and you will find something better there than to be made into soup.
Page 33 - Then our four comrades rushed in, placed themselves near or upon the table, and took whatever was before them, which the robbers had left, and ate as if they had been hungry for a month. When the four musicians had finished, they put out the light, and each found the sleeping-place most easy and suitable to his nature and habits. 9. The donkey laid himself down at full length in the yard, the dog crouched behind the door, the cat rolled himself up on the hearth among the warm ashes, while the rooster...
Page 21 - ... great care; you may go without any anxiety." So the old lady was comforted, and set off cheerfully for the wood. Before long some one knocked at the door, and cried, " Open, open, my dear children; your mother is here, and has brought something for each of you." But the goslings soon perceived, by the rough voice, that it was the wolf. " We will not open," said they; " you are not our mother, for she has a sweet and lovely voice; but your voice is rough — you are the wolf.
Page 33 - ... hungry for a month. And when they had finished they put out the lights, and each sought out a sleeping-place to suit his nature and habits. The ass laid himself down outside on the dunghill, the dog behind the door, the cat on the hearth by the warm ashes, and the cock settled himself in the cockloft, and as they were all tired with their long journey they soon fell fast asleep.
Page 13 - One day the mother went away from home, and left the little girl all alone. Soon she became hungry, and said to the kettle, "Kettle, cook; " but she had forgotten all about saying, " Kettle, stop." The kettle kept on cooking more rice, until it ran over. Then the kitchen became full of boiled rice, then the whole house, then the street, and at last all the houses. Nobody knew what to do. At last the mother came home, and called out,

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