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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageA Soybean Peroxidase Gene Family and an Assay for Detecting Soybean Peroxidase Activity: Patented by Richard A. Vierling Jr on October 11, 1996. Abstract: Four cDNA sequences representing a soybean peroxidase gene family are provided. An enzyme-capture assay for the nondestructive, sensitive and reliable quantitation of peroxidase activity is also provided. Cultivars having a high-peroxidase level can be efficiently selected, providing a large, renewable source of peroxidase for use in industry and in diagnostic chemistries.An Activated-Thiol Polymer for Drug Delivery: Patented by Duane Ruffner and Laixin Wang on October 29, 2000. Abstract: The synthesis and characterization of an acrylamide copolymer for use as a carrier for the delivery of water soluble drugs. The polymer contains active-sulfhydryl groups for coupling of ligands through a disulfide linkage. The polymer can also be prepared containing pendant amino groups in addition to the active-sulfhydryl moiety. This allows the use of different chemistries to conjugate a variety of ligands to the polymer.Battery charger contact protection circuit: Patented by Frank D. McCaleb, Scott Garrett and Kuruvilla Valakuzhy on March 4, 1994. Abstract: A battery charger contact protection circuit (10) including a metal oxide field effect transistor (16) is provided. The battery charger contact protection circuit (10) adds the advantages of reducing heat, reducing cost, and providing flexibility in the charging of various types of battery chemistries. Excess heat is eliminated by reducing the amount of charge dissipated by the contact protection circuit.Battery system for implantable medical device: Patented by Keith R. Maile and Jay A. Warren on July 4, 1998. Abstract: A battery system and method of manufacture in which at least two batteries, having different chemistries, are integrated into a common housing. The battery system has a unitary housing having at least two chambers, in which each pair of adjacent chambers share a common wall. Each chamber contains one battery, and at least one battery has a different chemical composition than the remaining batteries.Chemical Sensor System Utilizing Microjet Technology: Patented by Steve B. Brown, Billy W. Colston Jr., Kevin Langry, Fred P. Milanovich, Jonathan Simon, W. R. Cox and Donald J. Hayes on January 17, 2001. Abstract: Microjet technology is used to print one or more indicator chemistries on an optically accessible surface. Each indicator chemistry contains one or more light energy absorbing dye(s) whose optical characteristics change in response to the target ligand or analyte. By spectrally monitoring these changes using fluorescence and/or absorption spectroscopy, sensitive detection and/or quantitation of the target ligand or analyte can be obtained.Functionalized Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites and Interactions with Radiation: Patented by Enrique V. Barrera, Richard Wilkins, Meisha Shofner, Merlyn X. Pulikkathara and Ranji Vaidyanathan on November 25, 2003. Abstract: The present invention involves the interaction of radiation with functionalized carbon nanotubes that have been incorporated into various host materials, particularly polymeric ones. The present invention is directed to chemistries, methods, and apparatuses which exploit this type of radiation interaction, and to the materials which result from such interactions. The present invention is also directed toward the time dependent behavior of functionalized carbon nanotubes in such composite systems.Inclusion of tooth whitening oxidation chemistries into a tooth-paste composition: Patented by Paul Losee, F. Richard Austin and Blaine D. Austin on January 3, 1997. Abstract: A tooth-paste composition for whitening teeth and method for manufacture, the composition comprising a water-free, non-hygroscopic base and carbamide peroxide.Metal layer interconnects with improved performance characteristics: Patented by Robert Dawson on Dece

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