Law School For Dummies

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John Wiley & Sons, 27 Apr 2011 - 384 halaman
The straightforward guide to surviving and thriving in law school

Every year more than 40,000 students enter law school and at any given moment there are over 125,000 law school students in the United States. Law school’s highly pressurized, super-competitive atmosphere often leaves students stressed out and confused, especially in their first year. Balancing life and schoolwork, passing the bar, and landing a job are challenges that students often need help facing. In Law School For Dummies, former law school student Rebecca Fae Greene uses straight talk, sound advice, and gentle humor to help students sort through the swamp of coursework and focus on what’s important–all while maintaining a life. She also offers rare insight on the law school experience for women, minorities, non-traditional, and non-Ivy League students.


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Considering Law School
Appreciating Diyersity in Your Law School Class
Chapter 3 Choosing the Best Law School for
Using BattleTested Application Strategies to Succeed
Getting What You Came for The Layy School Experience
Sumiying Typical FirstYear Classes A Crash Course
Dont Sweat the Small Stuff Keeping Academics in Perspectiye
YoureH lf a Thr 2Ls n
Getting Inyolyed in Law School
Preparing for Your Future
OnCampus Interviewing
Getting the Lowdown on Careers
Narrowing Your Focus Choosing an Area of Practice
ra in Your La chool areer
The Pm of Tens

Studying Law Secret Techniques That Really Work
The Longest Three Hours of Your Life Acing Your Law School Exams
Ten LittleKnown Law School Secrets
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Rebecca Greene, JD, is a May 2003 graduate of Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington. A contributor to the American Bar Association's Student Lawyer magazine, she also wrote for Peterson's Law Schools.

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