Laws Relating to Buildings in the City of New York: With Marginal Notes, a Complete Index, and Colored Engravings. II. Law Limiting the Height of Dwelling-houses, in the City of New York. III. Laws Relating to the Extinction and Prevention of Fire, and Explosives and Combustible Materials in Buildings in the City of New York. IV. Laws Relating to Tenement and Lodging Houses in the City of New York. Regulations of Health Department for Light and Ventilation, with Illustrations. V. Mechanic's Lien Law for the City of New York. VI. An Act for the Protection of Life and Limb

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Record and Guide, 1887 - Architects - 188 pages
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Page 134 - any house or building or portion thereof in which persons are harbored or received or lodged for hire for a single night or for less than a week at one time, or any part of which is let for any person to sleep in, for any term less than a week.
Page 125 - and extending along the entire frontage thereof, and upwards from six inches below the level of "the floor thereof, up to the surface of the said street or ground an open space of at least two feet and six inches wide in every part, nor unless the same be
Page 126 - Every tenement or lodging-house, and every part thereof shall be kept clean and free from any accumulations of dirt, filth, garbage or other matter in or on the same, or in the yard, court, passage, area or alley connected with it or belonging to the same.
Page 40 - All fire-proof cornices shall be well secured to the walls with iron anchors, independent of any woodwork, And in all cases the walls shall be carried up to the planking of the roof, and where the cornice projects above the roof the wall shall be carried up to the top of the cornice, and the
Page 127 - conspicuous place in the house, a copy of the notice or order, five days before the time for doing the thing in relation to which said notice or order was issued. The posting of a copy of an order or notice, in accordance with this section, shall be sufficient service upon the owner of the property
Page 131 - ceiling ; and every habitable room in the attic of any such building shall be at least eight feet in height from the floor to the ceiling, throughout not less than one-half the area of such room. Every such room shall have at least one window connecting with the
Page 133 - eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, or converted, shall have the halls on each floor open directly to the external air, with suitable windows, and shall have no room or other obstruction at the end, unless sufficient light or ventilation is otherwise provided for in said halls in a manner approved by the board of health.
Page 58 - shall be well and properly lighted during every performance, and the same shall remain lighted until the entire audience has left the premises. • All gas or ele[c]tric lights in the halls, corridors, lobby or any other part of said buildings used by the audience, except the auditorium, must be controlled by a separate
Page 127 - of the property by street number, or otherwise, as the case may be, in such manner as will enable the board of health easily to find the same ; and also the number of apartments in each house, the number of rooms in each apartment, the number of families occupying each apartment, and the trades or occupations carried on therein.
Page 41 - leading to the same, and all scuttles and ladders shall be kept so as to be ready for use at all times, and no scuttle shall be less in size than two by three feet. If a bulk-head is used in place of a scuttle, it shall have stairs with sufficient guard or hand-rail

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