Leabhar Imuinn

James Henthorn Todd
Irish archaeological and Celtic society, 1855 - 304 ページ

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9 ページ - Mayo. Edited from the Book of Lecan, in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, and from a copy of the Mac Firbis MS.
5 ページ - No Member who is three months in arrear of his subscription shall be entitled to vote, or to any other privileges of a Member ; and any Member who shall be one year in arrear shall be considered as having resigned.
16 ページ - The Circuit of Ireland; by Muircheartach Mac Neill, Prince of Aileach; a Poem written in the year 942 by Cormacan Eigeas, Chief Poet of the North of Ireland. Edited, with a Translation and Notes, and a Map of the Circuit, by JOHN O'DosovAN, LL. D., MRIA 2. "A Brife Description of Ireland, made in the year 1589, by Robert Payne, vnto xxv. of his partners, for whom he is vndertaker there.
5 ページ - These payments to be made in advance, on or before the first day of January, annually. V. Such Members as desire it, may become Life Members, on payment of the sum of thirteen pounds, or ten pounds, (if they have already paid their entrance fee) in lieu of the annual subscription. VI. Every Member whose subscription is not in arrear shall be entitled to receive one copy of each publication of the Society issued subsequently to his admission ; and the books printed by the Society shall not be sold...
2 ページ - Edited from the Book of Lecan in the Library of the Royal Irish Academy ; in the original Irish, with a Translation and Notes, and a Map of Hy-Many, by JOHN O'DONOVAN.
8 ページ - Reprinted from the second edition, London, 1590, with a Preface and Notes, by AQUILLA SMITH, MD, MRIA II. The Annals of Ireland, by James Grace, of Kilkenny. Edited from the MS. in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, in the original Latin, with a Translation and Notes, by the REV.
5 ページ - The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council consisting of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and twelve elected Members, five to make a quorum.
18 ページ - Britonum" of Nennius, or, as it is called in Irish MSS., Leabap bpecnaô, the British Book. Edited from the book of Balimote, collated with copies in the Book of Lecan, and in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, with a Translation and Notes by JAMES HENTHORN TODD, DD, MRIA Fellow of Trinity College, &c.
68 ページ - His brother, and sister and mother," and this perhaps may be all that is meant by St. Brigid's pledging herself to be the Mother of Christ, and making herself so by words and deeds.
3 ページ - EXCIDIUM, the Destruction of Cyprus; being a secret History of the Civil War in Ireland, under James II., by Colonel Charles O'Kelly. Edited in the Latin from a MS. presented by the late Professor...