Leabhar Imuinn: The Book of Hymns of the Ancient Church of Ireland, 第 1 巻

James Henthorn Todd
Printed at the University Press for the Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society, 1855 - 304 ページ

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8 ページ - Iliad known to scholars, and may be rated as superior to any other which now exists, at least in England ; it is also extremely rich in scholia, which have been hitherto but partially explored.
97 ページ - I will give thanks unto the Lord, according to his righteousness ; and I will praise the name of the Lord most high. Psalm viii. Domine, Dominus noster. OLord, our Governor, how excellent is thy name in all the world; thou that hast set thy glory...
97 ページ - I will gire thee all the books which Mugint has, that thou mayest transcribe them, if thou wilt give me Rioc in marriage. And Finnen sent Talmach to her that night in the form of Rioc, and he knew her, and from thence was conceived and born Lonaa of Treoit.
89 ページ - At the end of the year he had wasted away ; his hair fell ofF; his intellect decayed; and he became a bald, senseless, and wandering idiot, keeping company only with the fools and mountebanks of his father's court.
54 ページ - The Alphabetical Hymn in praise of St. Brigid, attributed to St. Ultan, Bishop of Ardbreccan. 3. The Hymn of St. Cummain Fota. 4. The Hymn or Prayer of St. Mugint.
31 ページ - S.incti venite, Christi corpus, &c. So that from that time to the present that hymn is chanted in Erinn when the Body of Christ is received.
97 ページ - ... of Magh Bile went to Mugint for instruction, and Rioc and Talmach, and several others with him. Drust was King of Britain then, and had a daughter, viz. Drusticc was her name, and he gave her to Mugint to be taught to read ; and she fell in love with Rioc, and she said to Finnian...
60 ページ - Audite rírginis laudes is its beginning. The alphabetical order is in it. Moreover he composed it in rhythm. There are three chapters in it, and four lines in each chapter, and sixteen syllables in each line.
89 ページ - Druid was especially delignted with his prowess, and celebrated his praises above all the rest. The malicious stepmother, seeing this, accosted the Druid, and said to him, " You are the last person who ought to praise Comgan, for he is in love with your wife, and has access to her at his pleasure. Observe him when he rides around to receive the congratulations of the fair ladies, and you will see that your wife regards him with peculiar favour".