Learn to Understand and Prevent Myopi

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Books on Demand, 2009 - 90 pages
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There is always a need for a professional to object to "standard practice", or the over-prescription of a minus lens that can only make matters much worse. Dr. Viikari had used a plus lens, correctly and successfully on children who are on the threshold (20/30 to 20/60) of myopia - and that has restored their vision to normal. It should be "standard practice" that all children and parents be informed of this successful method of keeping your vision clear for life. Tragically, that is not the case. For those who wish to "flag" Dr. Viikari's scientific statements as "not appropriate" - I would request that they post THEIR commentary on exactly they think that successful prevention of nearsightedness - is "not appropriate". Scientific honesty is the best policy. 

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You may wonder, as I did, why a tank fills the cover of a book about "Myopia". After reading the book cover to cover, I inspected the book jacket again and located the author, a thin Finnish lady, standing in front of the armored tank like the young man did in Tiananmen Square in 1989 as he confronted a Chinese Red Army tank and brought it to a standstill. Here is Kaisu Viikari, an M.D., Ph.D. female pioneer in ophthalmology, standing in the way of the medical establishment to stop their centuries long mistreatment of myopia. Similar to how baby doctors have co-opted the natural process of birth and treat it as a medical condition which requires the mother to be admitted to a fully-equipped hospital, eye doctors have treated myopia as a medical condition requiring permanent negative (minus) Diopter lens. Few eye-doctors seem aware of the potential and actual harm they do by prescribing minus lens — the situation is especially egregious in the case of small children because their eyes are still forming and use of minus lens can cause permanent myopia in place of the temporary myopia which is natural when children begin to do close work such as drawing, painting, and reading.
Against the juggernaut of the scientific establishment and optical practitioners, Kaisu Viikari is presenting the facts in her books, Tetralogia, Panacea, and now this simplified book for everyone called, "Learn to Understand & Prevent Myopia". She clearly shows that naturally-occuring myopia due to eyeball elongation is a rare condition, and that the prevalence of pseudo-myopia is a nosocomic condition — a disease caused by doctors. It is a disease in the true meaning of the word, causing dis-ease in a person's body. How does pseudo-myopia cause dis-ease? By keeping the eye muscle, the ciliary muscle, in constant tension. This tension becomes a constant stress which leads to headaches, migraines, tight muscles throughout one's body causing a low-level of dis-ease which remains present at all times.
The book title claims to help people learn how to prevent myopia. Note the presupposition in the verb prevent — to prevent something is counteract some influence which causes the condition, and this ironic situation the world finds itself in for the past 200 years, the influence which causes most cases of intractable myopia is the medical establishment itself by prescribing minus eyeglasses to all cases of myopia, as if all cases of myopia were some malfunction of the eyes instead of a mal-adaptation to the wearing of minus glasses for too long a time.
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