Learning to Be (the Patient

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AuthorHouse, Jul 21, 2008 - 300 pages
On Sunday 1 October 2006 my daughter Rachel phoned me from Manchester where she had just started a very intensive postgraduate music course at the Royal Northern College of Music. She’s a cellist. I pretended everything was normal at this end. She was getting herself very worked up because she felt she could not play the piano adequately. She needed to practise! She was living with pianists but there was no piano. I suggested a keyboard but she dismissed this suggestion. She didn’t want to practise at the Royal Northern because she was embarrassed about her ability. She was inconsolable. Of course, we all get upset at times but this was ridiculous. In the end, I suggested she took her music with her to the school, where she was teaching the following day, to see if she could use one of their pianos, but she wasn’t happy. I couldn’t drive up to Manchester and buy her a keyboard, just like that. This was ridiculous! Anyway, I had other things on my mind. The following evening she phoned again. She was better! She said everything had changed, it was all right now! She had returned to the house after teaching practice; she walked into their shared living room and noticed the furniture had been moved round. Sitting in the corner was a piano. It had just arrived. She had no idea it was coming! The landlady needed somewhere to store it! 

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