Learning by Doing: A Guide to Teaching and Learning Methods

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This guide is written to be used as a resource rather than as a book to be read right through. Section 2 provides an explanation of experiential learning theory and the experiential learning cycle. It offers a way of structuring and sequencing learning to improve the effectiveness of learning from experience. Section 3 describes the ways in which individuals differ in their preferred learning styles and in the way they handle their experiences. It explains some of the implications of experiential learning styles. Section 4 describes a wide range of teaching and learning methods which implement each of the stages of experiential learning and which take learners round the experiential learning cycle. Section 5 contains case studies of the use of experiential learning theory in course design and of the way experiential learning sessions are run. Section 6 contains exercises and materials to support staff development workshops designed to introduce teachers and trainers to experiential learning. Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Experiential learning theory 3. Learning styles 4. Practical methods to implement the experiential learning cycle 5. Case studies of the application of experiential learning methods 6. Learning to use experiential methods SCED: The Standing Conference on Educational Development.

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