Lectures on Data Security: Modern Cryptology in Theory and Practice, Issue 1561

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Ivan Damgard
Springer Science & Business Media, Mar 10, 1999 - Computers - 250 pages
In July 1998, a summer school in cryptology and data security was organized atthecomputersciencedepartmentofAarhusUniversity, Denmark.Thistook place as a part of a series of summer schools organized by the European Edu- tional Forum, an organizationconsisting of the researchcenters TUCS (Finland), IPA(Holland)andBRICS(Denmark, Aarhus).Thelocalorganizingcommittee consisted of Jan Camenisch, Janne Christensen, Ivan Damga? ard (chair), Karen Moller, andLouisSalvail.ThesummerschoolwassupportedbytheEuropean Union. Modern cryptology is an extremely fast growing ?eld and is of fundamental importance in very diverse areas, from theoretical complexity theory to practical electroniccommerceontheInternet.Wethereforesetouttoorganizeaschool that would enable young researchers and students to obtain an overview of some mainareas, coveringboththeoreticalandpracticaltopics.Itisfairtosaythat the school was a success, both in terms of attendance (136 participants from over20countries)andintermsofcontents.Itisapleasuretothankallofthe speakers for their cooperation and the high quality of their presentations. A total of 13 speakers gave talks: Mihir Bellare, University of California, San Diego; Gilles Brassard, University of Montreal; David Chaum, DigiCash; Ronald Cramer, ETH Zur ] ich; Ivan Damg? ard, BRICS; Burt Kaliski, RSA Inc.; Lars Knudsen, Bergen University; Peter Landrock, Cryptomathic; Kevin Mc- Curley, IBM Research, Almaden; Torben Pedersen, Cryptomathic; Bart Preneel, Leuven University; Louis Salvail, BRICS; Stefan Wolf, ETH Zur ] ich.

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PracticeOriented ProvableSecurity
Introduction to Secure Computation
Commitment Schemes and ZeroKnowledge Protocols
Emerging Standards for PublicKey Cryptography
Contemporary Block Ciphers
Primality Tests and Use of Primes in Public Key Systems
Signing Contracts and Paying Electronically
The State of Cryptographic Hash Functions
The Search for the Holy Grail in Quantum Cryptography
Unconditional Security in Cryptography

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