Lectures on pharmacy

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G.P. Engelhard & co., 1905 - Medical - 375 pages

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Page 86 - The process of percolation, or displacement, directed in this pharmacopoeia, consists in subjecting a substance, or a mixture of substances, in powder, contained in a vessel called a percolator, to the solvent action of successive portions of a certain menstruum in such a manner that the liquid, as it traverses the powder in its descent to the receiver, shall be charged with the soluble portion of it, and pass from the percolator free from insoluble matter.
Page 320 - ... substances Emulsions may be obtained by restoring the water lost by evaporation — that is, by rubbing them with water in a mortar. In this way the so-called natural Emulsions are made. Artificial Emulsions. These are made by mixing the Oil with a certain proportion of the emulsifying agent, adding Water, and triturating the mixture in a mortar or agitating it in a flask. There are various methods, but these are general rules : The emulsification of the oil should be complete before the mixture...
Page 149 - A light white powder, or small, shining, crystalline scales ; odorless or of a faint, benzoin-like odor, and of a cooling, sweetish taste ; permanent in the air. Soluble in 3 parts of water, in 13 parts of alcohol, and 2.5 parts of boiling water, and in lo parts of boiling alcohol.
Page 116 - Phosphorus. P = 30.77 It should contain not less than 99.5 per cent, of pure Phosphorus, and be carefully kept under water, in strong, well-closed vessels, in a secure and moderately cool place, protected from light.
Page 138 - KC1O!,— colorless prisms or plates, of pearly lustre, of cooling, saline taste and neutral reaction, soluble in 16.7 of water at 59° F. and in 1.7 of boiling water; slightly soluble in mixtures of alcohol and water, insoluble in absolute alcohol.
Page 108 - A liquid composed of not less than 92.5 per cent, by weight of absolute sulphuric acid (H,SO4 = 97.82) and not more than 7.5 per cent, of water.
Page 212 - Separate, rhomboidal, colorless, and transparent crystals, having an aromatic, penetrating, and slightly acrid odor, and a bitterish, caustic taste; slowly volatilized when exposed to the air.
Page 305 - A proteolytic ferment or enzyme, obtained from the glandular layer of the fresh stomach of the hog {Sus scrofa, var.
Page 214 - An alcoholic liquid obtained by the distillation of the fermented, unmodified juice of fresh grapes, and at least four years old.
Page 136 - It should contain not less than 85 per cent, of pure anhydrous Potassium Hydroxide, and not more than 2 per cent, of other inorganic substances, with the exception of water.

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