Legacy of the Father

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The hitter, Jerome, was thin in the waist and thick in the thighs and had a big behind which looked even bigger when he would bend down into his batting stance. On the fifth pitch, he turned his back to the pitcher. He yelled out, "Oh, shit!" as the ball hit him square on his butt. The crowd reacted with laughter, and one colored gal yelled out "That ball could get lost in there!" The laughter from the stands grew louder, as he took first base.

The left fielder, before leaving the on-deck circle, whispered, "He is going to strike me out." As soon as he stepped into the box, he immediately called out, "Time out!" He was nervous after watching the pitching display; he was talking to himself as the first pitch went in for a strike. The second pitch was also a strike as he had closed his eyes in swinging. The third pitch hit the ground at his feet, and he swung at that pitch. As the inning came to an end and he walked from home plate, he was overheard saying, "That boy up there gon' kill somebody the way he is pitching."

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