Legends and lyrics, Zväzok 86

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1858 - 266 strán (strany)

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Strana 21 - One by one thy griefs shall meet thee, Do not fear an armed band : One will fade as others greet thee ; Shadows passing through the land. Do not look at life's long sorrow ; See how small each moment's pain ; God will help thee for to-morrow, So each day begin again. Every hour that fleets so slowly Has its task to do or bear ; Luminous the crown, and holy, If thou set each gem with care.
Strana 18 - The fall thou darest to despise, — May be the angel's slackened hand Has suffered it, that he may rise And take a firmer, surer stand ; Or, trusting less to earthly things, May henceforth learn to use his wings. And judge none lost ; but wait and see, With hopeful pity, not disdain ; The depth of the abyss may be The measure of the height of pain And love and glory that may raise This soul to God in after days ! FRIEND SORROW. Do not cheat thy heart, and tell her^ ' ' Grief will pass away ; Hope...
Strana 20 - ONE. >~ONE by one the sands are flowing One by one the moments fall, Some are coming, some are going — Do not strive to grasp them all. One by one thy duties wait thee, Let thy whole strength go to each ; Let no future dreams elate thee ; Learn thou first what those can teaoh.
Strana 17 - UDGE not; the workings of his brain And of his heart thou canst not see ; What looks to thy dim eyes a stain, In God's pure light may only be A scar, brought from some well-won field, Where thou wouldst only faint and yield.
Strana 143 - mid the trees, That stood below the stream. At eve they all assembled, All care and doubt were fled ; With jovial laugh they feasted, The board was nobly spread, The elder of the village Rose up, his glass in hand, And cried, " We drink the downfall " Of an accursed land ! " The night is growing darker, " Ere one more day is flown, " Bregenz, our foemen's stronghold
Strana 208 - I thank Thee more, that all our joy Is touched with pain; That shadows fall on brightest hours; That thorns remain; So that earth's bliss may be our guide, And not our chain.
Strana 208 - I thank thee, Lord, that Thou hast kept The best in store ; We have enough, yet not too much To long for more : A yearning for a deeper peace, Not known before. r I thank Thee, Lord, that here our souls, Though amply blest, Can never find, although they seek, A perfect rest, — Nor ever shall, until they lean On Jesus
Strana 36 - ... hand Could better wake or still ? Speak now — lest at some future day my whole life wither and decay. Lives there within thy nature hid The demon-spirit Change, Shedding a passing glory still On all things new and strange ? It may not be thy fault alone — but shield my heart against thy own.
Strana 102 - Yet pray, and with hopeful tears ; An answer, not that you long for, But diviner will come one day ; Your eyes are too dim to see it, Yet strive, and wait, and pray.
Strana 145 - help Bregenz, and bring me there in time!" But louder than bells' ringing, or lowing of the kine, Grows nearer in the midnight the rushing of the Rhine.

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