Legends and stories of Ireland, Volume 2

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Wakeman, 1834 - Ireland - 324 pages
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Page 273 - The world was very guilty of such a ballad some three ages since; but, I think, now 'tis not to be found— I will have the subject newly writ o.er, that I may example my
Page 12 - tis more sincere: Like her delusive beam, 'Twill steal away the mind; But, like affection's dream. It leaves no sting behind." Is not this very elegantly saying, " there's not a head-ache in a hogshead of it?" But I am forgetting my story all this time.
Page 59 - cum dignitate." Barny calculated the American was bound for Ireland, and as she lay, almost as directly in the way of his " Nor-Aist coorse," as the West Indian brig, he bore up to and spoke her. He was answered by a shrewd Yankee Captain. " Faix an its glad I am to see your
Page 42 - notice—a braggin' poor craythur. Oh wait till I get home, and the divil a more braggin they'll hear out of his jaw." " Indeed then, Barny, the sooner you turn your face towards home the better," said the captain, " since you will go, there is no need in losing more time." " Thrue for you, your honor—and sure
Page 28 - the day passed as former ones had done, in pursuing the course of the ship. In four days more, however, the provisions in the hooker began to fail, and they were obliged to have recourse to the scalpeens for sustenance, and Barny then got seriously uneasy at the length of the voyage, and the likely greater length, for
Page 4 - your cousin Molly Mullins knows me well, and maybe I don't know you and your's as well as the mother that bore you, aye, in throth; and shure I know the very thoughts o' you as well as if I was inside o' you, Barny O'Reirdon."
Page 20 - betther not say that agin, or in throth I'll give you a leatherin' that won't be for the good o' your health—throth, for three sthraws this minit I'd lave you that your own mother wouldn't know you with the lickin' I'd give you; but I scorn your dirty
Page 37 - for exceptin the scalpeens, sorra taste passed our lips for these four days." " Oh! you poor devils!" said the commander, in a tone of sincere commiseration, " I'll order you some provisions on board before you start." " Long life to your honor! and I'd like to drink the health of so noble a
Page 43 - your honor, and long life to you, and more power to your elbow, and a light heart and a heavy purse to you evermore, I pray the blessed Virgin and all the saints, amin!" and so saying, Barny descended the ship's side, and once more assumed the helm of the " hardy hooker.
Page 56 - To be sure, now that the scalpeens is sowld, there's no use in goin' to Fingal, and we may as well jist go home." " Faix I'm sorry myself," said Jemmy, " for Terry O'Sullivan said it was an iligant place intirely, an' I wanted to see it." "To the divil wid Terry O'Sullivan,

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