Leontius of Jerusalem:Against the Monophysites: Testimonies of the Saints and Aporiae: Against the Monophysites: Testimonies of the Saints and Aporiae

Patrick T. R. Gray
OUP Oxford, 11 mai 2006 - 256 pages
Leontius of Jerusalem is considered the most accomplished of the neo-Chalcedonian theologians of the sixth century. He shows himself, in his Testimonies of the Saints, to be an ecumenical theologian attempting to convince Syrian anti-Chalcedonians ('Monophysites') that their objections to Chalcedon are baseless, since all agree, beneath their antithetical formulae, on a christology of hypostatic union. They are urged to abandon their self-important yet discredited mentor,Severus, and to see that Chalcedon had no secret agenda. Gray's edition of this important early Christian treatise provides an introduction, the Greek text, and notes, together with a new translation into readable, modern English.

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Patrick T. R. Gray is Professor of Religious Studies, York University.

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