Lesbianism Made Easy

Framhliğ kápu
Crown, 1996 - 192 síğur
These days, who doesn't want to be a lesbian? In sports and entertainment, literature and life in general, lesbians are the queen arbiters of what's hot, what's chic, and what's a girl to do? But though you might not think so from magazine spreads, music videos, and wherever tennis balls (and ball girls) lurk, not everyone actually is a lesbian. And even though a lot of people would like to become lesbians, it's harder than you think to find out exactly how. Like anything that requires a major break with old habits, becoming a lesbian is not the easiest thing in the world to pull off. Lesbians have their own culture, their own lingo, their own way of doing things. In Lesbianism Made Easy, Helen Eisenbach helps smooth the potentially difficult transition that a would-be daughter of Sappho may face. Helen Eisenbach shows that anyone can experience the Lesbian Within, the place where fantasy and reality meet (and no one gets what they deserve). In this irreverent, possibly embittered, how-to, even the least lesbian among us can learn how to pick up girls, how to actually have sex (don't ask; she'll tell), how to choose a pet (you'd be surprised), how to cope with the woman of your dreams, even how to heal, or heel, your inner lesbian.

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