Lesioning: Webster's Facts and Phrases

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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageIntradiscal Lesioning Device: Patented by Mark Leung, Krishan Shah and Frank Baylis on February 28, 2003. Abstract: An intradiscal device for treatment of a patient's intervertebral disc. The device has two elongate probes for insertion to two spaced apart treatment sites of the annulus fibrosus. The distal portions of each probe have energy delivery means for delivering energy between the distal portions of the probes through the annulus fibrosus adjacent the two treatment sites. The energy is preferably electrical energy the probes may be inserted surgically through respective elongate introducer tubes.Methods and Compositions for Treating Parkinson's Disease: Patented by Stephen Fawell and Orla Conneely on October 30, 2002. Abstract: The present invention relates to novel methods and compositions for gene therapy. The invention also provides methods for treating diseases or disorders of the central nervous system associated with dopaminergic hypoactivity, disease, injury or chemical lesioning, including Parkinson's disease, manic depression, and schizophrenia.Bibliographic UsageAdell, A. and R. D. Myers. Lesioning of midbrain raphe nuclei with 5,7-DHT fails to alter ethanol intake in the low alcohol drinking (LAD) rat appears in Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry written by A. Adell and R. D. Myers. Published in April 1996.Alexi, T., et al. Protective effects of neurotrophin-4/5 and transforming growth factor-alpha on striatal neuronal phenotypic degeneration after excitotoxic lesioning with quinolinic acid appears in Neuroscience written by T. Alexi, J. L. Venero and F. Hefti. Published in May 1997.Ambardekar, A. V., et al. Distribution and binding parameters of GABAA receptors in the thalamic nuclei of Macaca mulatta and changes caused by lesioning in the globus pallidus and reticular thalamic nucleus appears in Neuroscience written by A. V. Ambardekar, A. Surin, K. Parts, I. A. Ilinsky and K. Kultas-Ilinsky. Published in 2003.Amenta, D., et al. Effect of prolonged co-dergocrine mesylate treatment on choline acetyltransferase levels in rat cerebral cortex after lesioning of the nucleus basalis magnocellularis (of Meynert) appears in Pharmacological Research Communications written by D. Amenta, M. De Rossi and F. Amenta. Published in September 1988.Babel, T. B., et al. Immediate and long term outcome after infrathalamic and thalamic lesioning for intractable Tourette's syndrome appears in Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry written by T. B. Babel, P. C. Warnke and C. B. Ostertag. Published in May 2001.Bagetta, G., et al. Hippocampal damage produced by tetanus toxin in rats can be prevented by lesioning CA1 pyramidal cell excitatory afferents appears in Neuroscience Letters written by G. Bagetta, G. Nistico and N. G. Bowery. Published on February 11, 1991.Baumgarten, H. G. and L. Lachenmayer. 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine: improvement in chemical lesioning of indoleamine neurons in the mammalian brain. appears in Zeitschrift Fur Zellforschung Und Mikroskopische Anatomie (Vienna, Austria: 1948) written by H. G. Baumgarten and L. Lachenmayer. Published in 1972.Beier, E., et al. Shifts in the level of plasma melatonin and changes in circadian locomotion changes after lesioning of the dorsal hippocampus in intact and stressed rats appears in Zhurnal Vysshe Inverted Question Mark Nervno Inverted Question Mark Deiatelnosti Imeni I P Pavlova written by E. Beier, K. S. El'bek'ian and E. B. Arushanian. Published in September - October 2001.

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