Let Go!: Theory and Practice of Detachment According to Zen

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G. Allen & Unwin Limited, 1962 - Zen Buddhism - 277 pages
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Preparation for Sudden Illumination Pfle
Outer and Inner PerceptionSensing and Feeling
Its Contradictory Nature

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absolute convergence absolute principle affirmation animal animal thinking appears aspects asso associations attention autonomous entities Bodhi tree Buddha cannot cells centre cerning certain Chinese language ciliated come conceive conciliation concrete psychology consciousness consciousness of existing consonance consonance and dissonance convergent convergent language convergent thinking convergent-divergent corres cortical cells cosmic cosmic mind cosmic movement cosmic order cosmos counter-work death disharmony disintegration distinct divergent divergent language dualist egocentric essence exist experience feel functioning gesture halo harmony Hertzian waves himself Hui-neng human hypnosis hypostasis hypostatic ideas I-reality idea idea of perfection identified illusory imaginary film imaginative film immanence impermanence inanimate incarnated individual inner counter-work inner world integration integration and disintegration intellectual consciousness intellectual thinking intemporal itself Koan live logical operations lutely magnetic fields manifesta manifestation medullary cell menace mental image mescaline metaphysical microcosm mind mnemonic modalities moment myself nature nature of things nervous system non-attachment non-commissioned officer non-convergent language normal normal convergent Not-Self nothingness noumenon object organism outer object outer world outside world particular perceive personal structure pheno phenomena plane possible principle of identity psyche psychic psychomotive psychomotive system psychosomatic Ramana Maharshi reality realization resonance Satori sciousness Self sense sensory images sensory perception simply to understand Spinoza struggle surface consciousness surrealism sword of Damocles synapse syntactical structure tence things thought thus tical tion uncon unconscious Unconscious Principle understand universal universal consciousness Vedanta verbal vergence vibration violin word Yang Yang as integrator Yin and Yang

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