Let the People Sing: Hymn Tunes in Perspective

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GIA, 2005 - 459 pagine
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For centuries, the voices of diverse Christian congregations have been empowered by shared, ecumenical hymns. In Let the People Sing: Hymn Tunes in Perspective, Paul Westermeyer provides a broad overview of selected hymn tunes, analyzing each for genre, earliest sources, creativity, and congregational appeal. Westermeyer completed a survey of 14 modern, multi--denominational English-language hymnals to find the tunes most representative of those sung in today's church. Organized chronologically, this study moves from the earliest tunes to those of the late 20th century. Although not encyclopedic in nature, Let the People Saying was inspired by Erik Routley's comprehensive work The Music of Christian Hymns, to which reference is often made. The author includes perspectives on various topics throughout, including the role of instruments in congregational singing, rote singing, the importance of appropriate tempo, and threats to the people's song. Thoroughly annotated, Let the People Saying also includes an appendix with Tune of the Day suggestions and an extensive bibliography for those desiring further study. This landmark book is a journey worth taking for church musicians, pastors, teachers, and anyone interested in enhancing congregational song. - Jacket flap.

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