Level Up! Through Mindfulness

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Jackson-Dean Investments, 2018
Now is the time to Level Up!By now, you have discovered that time waits for no one. You have wavered for too long. What are you waiting for? Procrastination is not your friend and will never be your friend. Do you know what is standing between you and the person you want to be? Do you know what is standing between you and the life you desire? Dr. LaShonda M. Jackson-Dean can help you reach a resolution. Level Up! Through Mindfulness utilizes cognitive and behavioral strategies through Mindfulness for people struggling with self-sabotage, guilt, lack of focus, procrastination and any negative behavior patterns. This book coupled with the supplemental workbook, provides exercises, techniques and clear illustrations on daily practice for utilization to level up and change your life. Dr. LaShonda M. Jackson-Dean provides personal insight and techniques used in her Life Coaching Practice to assist the reader in achieving and accomplishing whatever they put their minds to. This is your personal expedition. Welcome to Level Up Through Mindfulness.

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About the author (2018)

About Dr. LaShonda M. Jackson-Dean, DM, MBA "The Pen Slaying Author"Dr. LaShonda M. Jackson-Dean an American Author of a variety of genres to include African American Studies, Women, Management, Militaristic, Motivational, Wellness, and Fitness Studies, Fiction as well as Non-fiction literature. She is a Motivational Speaker, Life, Transformational, and Total Wellness Coach. Dr. Jackson-Dean, adjunct professor, and entrepreneur gives voice to the voiceless through her writings and speaking. She is the author of A Phenomenological Study of the Underrepresentation of Senior Level African American Women in Corporations, Seed to Seeds Systemic Oppression and PTSD, with a third and fourth book in the works Level up through Mindfulness, and The Invisible. Dr. Jackson-Dean received a special invitation by the National Black Caucus Convention and the National Congress of Black Women to present and speak about her creative works and research.Dr. Jackson-Dean, a United States Air Force Disable Veteran, provides coaching services through Jackson-Dean Professional Services to women, men, Veterans, women entrepreneurs and those who aspire to greatness. She is the Founder and CEO of Greatness Pursued a Non-profit Organization committed to empowering Veterans and disenfranchised people with the majority thrust being women Veterans, in succeeding at reaching life-changing goals.Dr. Jackson-Dean holds a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education specializing in Bio-Environmental Engineering, Minor in Business Administration; a Masters of Business Administration (MBA); and a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership. She holds several certifications from leading educational institutes, to include Harvard University, in leadership, professorship, management, and wellness. With well over twenty years of practical experience as a professional in research, entrepreneurship, and management, she provides solid discussions on various topics. Dr. Jackson-Dean educates through lectures, workshops, seminars, and special guest appearances.To book Dr. LaShonda M. Jackson-Dean for your next speaking event please contact her publicist at Publicist.DrLJacksonDean@gmail.com. To purchase any of her books, materials, and products visit her website, www.DrLaShondaJacksonDean.com.

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