Library Association Record, Volume 8

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Library Association., 1906 - Bibliography
Proceedings of the 22d-33d annual conference of the Library Association in volumes 1-12; proceedings of the 34th-44th, 47th-57th annual conference issued as a supplement to volumes 13-23, new series volume 3-series 4, volume 1.

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Page 286 - Dreams, books, are each a world ; and books, we know, Are a substantial world, both pure and good : Round these, with tendrils strong as flesh and blood, Our pastime and our happiness will grow.
Page 64 - twas boyish fancy — for the reader Was youngest of them all — But, as he read, from clustering pine and cedar A silence seemed to fall ; The fir-trees, gathering closer in the shadows, Listened in every spray, While the whole camp with "Nell" on English meadows Wandered, and lost their way.
Page 440 - Yet I doubt not through the ages one increasing purpose runs, And the thoughts of men are widened with the process of the suns.
Page 556 - ... time not less than one month after the first publication of the advertisement of the resolution as the authority may by the resolution fix, and upon its coming into operation the Act shall extend to that district.
Page 557 - rate " means a rate made during the continuance of this Act, the proceeds of which are applicable to public local purposes, and which is leviable on the basis of an assessment in respect of the yearly value of property, and includes any sum which, though obtained in the first instance by a precept, certificate, or other instrument requiring payment from some authority or officer, is or can be ultimately raised out of a rate as before defined...
Page 286 - I want a poor student to have the same means of indulging his learned curiosity, of following his rational pursuits, of consulting the same authorities, of fathoming the most intricate inquiry, as the richest man in the kingdom...
Page 64 - The ruddy tints of health On haggard face and form that drooped and fainted In the fierce race for wealth. Till one arose and from his pack's scant treasure A hoarded volume drew, And cards were dropped from hands of listless leisure To hear the tale anew. And then, while round them shadows gathered faster, And as the firelight fell, He read aloud the book wherein the Master Had writ of
Page 511 - Auction Prices of Books. A Representative Record arranged in Alphabetical Order. From the commencement of the English Book-Prices current in 1886, and the American Book-Prices Current in 1894 to 1904, and including some thousands of important Auction Quotations of Earlier Date.
Page 451 - FIRST LOOKING INTO CHAPMAN'S HOMER Much have I travell'd in the realms of gold, And many goodly states and kingdoms seen; Round many western islands have I been Which bards in fealty to Apollo hold. Oft of one wide expanse had I been told That...
Page 458 - Nor cast one longing, ling'ring look behind? On some fond breast the parting soul relies. Some pious drops the closing eye requires; Ev'n from the tomb the voice of Nature cries, Ev'n in our ashes live their wonted fires. For thee, who mindful of th...

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