Lies, Lies, and More Lies: The Campaign to Defame Hindu/Indian Nationalism

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iUniverse, 2007 - History - 142 pages
It is no coincidence that India's recent rise as an economic and military power has been closely linked to the increasing influence of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Indian politics and its term in office during 1998-2004. Driven by the philosophy of Hindu/Indian Nationalism, this entity, more of a movement than a political party, has served to instill in the majority of Indians a sense of confidence and restored lost self-esteem in a people who suffered foreign domination for over a thousand years. Detractors of this ideology have attempted to paint this philosophy as hate rant and supremacist indoctrination. Far from being that, it is the agonizing cry for justice and dignity of a people long suppressed and long tortured; a cry that embodies the agony of the past and a new-found confidence of the present and which together hopes to ensure a secure future.

With Hindu/Indian Nationalism continuing to play a dominant role in Indian politics, this book is a must for those (businessmen, academics, and others alike) who wish to interact with India and Indians for it enables them to understand the Hindu/Indian psyche better. Further, this book dispels the unsavory view of Hindu Nationalism that has been propagated in the West by vested groups opposed to it.

Review 5 Stars:A passionate and thoughtful call for perspective on hot-button Indian social issues., January 4, 2008 By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - Lies, Lies and More Lies: The Campaign To Defame Hindu/Indian Nationalism is a sharp retort to unsavory portrayals of Hindu Nationalism (Hindutva), including accusations that equate the philosophy with pogroms and ethnic cleansing. Though author Vivek admits that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) should not be excused of the killings that have happened under its watch, notably in the Gujarat riots, he decries the tendency (especially among intellectuals) to unilaterally condemn the entire BJP and all of Hindu Nationalism, or even equate both with fascism. Worse, too much misinformation has spread concerning Hindu Nationalism and the BJP. Lies, Lies and More Lies spells out the reasoning behind Hindu Nationalism precepts: injustice exists under the current legal system that largely leaves temples of Christianity and Islam to themselves but taxes and restricts Hindu temples; religious conversion needs to be banned because there is no way to distinguish between voluntary and forced conversion; and more. Too little attention is being paid to the threat of Islamofascism, argues author Vivek; demographic birth and immigration trends that are gradually increasing the percentage of Muslims in India and a Muslim community that is too slow to condemn the pogroms it perpetrates fuel an immediate national crisis. Above all, India's salvation lies in preserving its new legacy of democracy and equality. "Without proper guidance, there is a real danger of Hindutva degenerating into a rampage of revenge. Hindutva is not to be equated with communal riots that kill innocent humans. Hindutva cannot be an ideology that relegates another individual to second-class status. It should be a force that makes all Indians conform to the pluralistic, secular tradition of our land that respects one and all." A passionate and thoughtful call for perspective on hot-button Indian social issues.

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